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The Ultimate List of Items for an Emergency Earthquake Kit

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Emergency Preparedness Information - Town of Elon

Earthquakes can strike without warning, leaving you with little time to prepare. Knowing what supplies to have on hand and how to use them is essential for surviving an earthquake. Having an earthquake kits is the best way to make sure you and your family are ready when disaster strikes. Here’s a list of essential supplies that you should include in your kit. 

First Aid Supplies 

Make sure your kit includes all the necessary first aid supplies, such as bandages, antiseptic wipes, gauze, adhesive tape, alcohol wipes, aspirin, tweezers and scissors. Include any medications your family members may need in case of an emergency. Make sure you also have a copy of first-aid instructions so that anyone can administer medical help if needed. 

Food & Water 

Having enough food and water for at least three days is essential for survival in case of an earthquake. Make sure you include non-perishable items like canned food and bottled water that won’t spoil or require cooking. Keep some snacks handy as well to provide much-needed energy during stressful times. Also make sure your kit includes a manual can opener so that you can actually access the food inside the cans! 

Communication Supplies & Important Documents 

In addition to food and water, it’s important to have communication supplies on hand so that you can stay connected with friends or family members who may be affected by the same disaster. Include a battery-powered radio with extra batteries so that you can stay informed about news updates during an emergency situation. Make sure your kit also includes copies of important documents such as birth certificates, insurance papers or passport info in case they become lost or destroyed during the event.  

Lighting & Survival Gear 

Be prepared for power outages by including flashlights and extra batteries in your kit along with candles if possible—just make sure they are placed away from flammable materials! Additionally, include a whistle as well as dust masks and plastic sheeting which will protect against smoke inhalation from nearby fires caused by the earthquake itself or toppled power lines. Finally, consider adding a portable radio so you can stay updated on the latest news and emergency alerts. By ensuring your emergency kit is ready to go, you’ll be ready for any situation that may arise. 

In addition to having an emergency kit in place, it’s important to know what steps to take if an earthquake happens. Be sure to drop, cover and hold on—find a sturdy object that will protect you from falling objects and get low to the ground. If possible, move away from windows or tall furniture which could fall over during the shaking. Once the shaking stops, stay inside and wait for further instructions from local authorities before leaving your building or home.

No one wants to experience an earthquake but being prepared is key when disaster strikes unexpectedly. By assembling a comprehensive preparedness kit with essential items such as first aid supplies, food & water, communication supplies & important documents, lighting & survival gear—not only will you survive but hopefully come out unscathed on the other side!

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