Vitamins for Healthy Hair and Skin

Vitamins for Healthy Hair and Skin

Guest Post by Claire

Beauty secrets and tips have been passed down through generations upon generations for hundreds of years. This age old beauty secrets give us insight and tell us the best hair skin and nails vitamins. Our ancestors experimented with different beauty concoctions and determined what vitamins were necessary for healthy skin, hair and nails hundreds of years ago. They might not have known what vitamins were coming from some of these methods, but they knew that they worked just the same.
Healthy hair is vibrant, silky, smooth, and has a glamorous shine. It just looks healthy. You can really tell the difference between dry, brittle, damaged hair when compared to soft, shiny, healthy tresses. Damage to hair can be caused by color treating it, blow drying or applying heat, and brushing it rough. In order to reduce your chances of breakage, it would benefit to have hair that was already healthy from vitamins.

The following are the essential nutrients vital for healthy hair and skin

Biotin – Biotin is the best vitamin for hair and can be found naturally in some of the foods we eat because it is a type of B vitamin. Biotin strengthens hair and prevents breakage. It also promotes the growth of healthy hair. To ensure your diet is rich with biotin, eat lots foods containing: nutritional and brewer’s yeast, salmon, liver, cauliflower, carrots, egg yolks, legumes, bananas, and mushrooms.
Vitamin E – Another vitamin that is great for both skin and hair is Vitamin E. This vitamin can be consumed in foods or applied directly to the skin and hair to stimulate growth. When incorporating this vitamin into your diet, be sure to eat the following foods in order to get your fill of E vitamins: wheat germ oil, safflower seeds, sunflower seeds, nuts and grains, leafy green vegetables, kiwi, broccoli, sweet potatoes, asparagus and avocados.

Vitamin B Complex – Prenatal vitamins are also good for skin, hair and nails. They promote new and rapid growth. Prenatal vitamins are beneficial even if you aren’t expecting a baby. A good combination of calcium, iron, B6, and Vitamin A are great for hair growth when looking for a prenatal vitamin for the hair.
Vitamin A – Vitamin A is found in spinach, broccoli, cheese, cabbage, peaches and apricots. It is the vitamin for shiny hair. A boost of Vitamin A with a mixture of all the B Vitamins will give you shiny strong hair that regrows faster than normal. B12 and B6 are vitamins that help prevent hair loss and can be found in eggs and grains.
Minerals – In order to have healthy, strong nails it is important to make sure your diet is full of iron, zinc, and B12. Brittle nails that break easily can be the result of an iron deficiency. Iron strengthens nails and prevents them from becoming brittle. Zinc prevents white spots in the nails and can be found in dark chocolate, turkey and peanuts. B 12 can be taken as a supplement or found in cheese, eggs or crab meat.
The secret to getting the best hair skin and nails vitamins depends on the foods you eat. There are ways to get the vitamins you need from the foods you consume or by taking a supplement. Prenatal pills are also another dietary supplement that can be taken for healthy skin, hair and nails.

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