Vichy PURETE THERMALE Calming Cleansing Solution Review

Most of us use some form of base makeup on a daily basis. Be it, tinted moisturizers, tinted sunscreens, liquid foundations, powder foundations, or just a compact powder, there is some makeup on the face. How many us really give importance to remove the face makeup as well? I have always thought that removing my eye makeup and lipstick is sufficient. I used to use a face wash to remove my face makeup. A face wash will not completely remove your foundation and you will need to re-cleanse twice or thrice which is going to irritate your skin in the long run.
I recently discovered this makeup remover which is specifically meant for the face. A friend recommended it and since I love Vichy products, I blindly got it.

Oily and Sensitive skin.Tested on sensitive skin and eyes and on contact lens wearers.
Rose Phytophenol – Acts on the skin to calm and soothe irritation.
Micellar Technology – ensures complete cleansing in; one step with no need to rinse
No soap, No alchohol, mild fragrance makes it suitable for sensitive skin
Removes makeup and impurities without drying the skin. In a single step the face and eyes are perfectly cleansed .Skin feels comforted and refreshed. Lastingly calms burning sensations and irritation.
Apply morning and evening using a cotton wool pad. No need to rinse off.
Ultra-soothing rose phytophenol acts on the skin to calm irritation. Alcohol and soap free.
Refreshing and soothing cleansing water. It is just like water. It effectively removes all traces of foundation, blush and any base makeup. You do not need to wash your face after using this.
200 ml for Rs.890/-
It comes in a tall plastic bottle with a flip cap. Does not leak, but the huge bottle is a little difficult to carry around.
1. Removes face makeup very well
2. Suitable for sensitive skin
3. Easily available at Health and Glow outlets and online 
4. Oil free
1. Does not remove waterproof makeup 
The below picture shows that it does not easily remove long staying colored eye pencils or lipsticks
And it is clean after swiping the cotton pad for about 5-6 times. Imagine, if you do that to your eyes, they will all be red. So it is better to just keep this for the base makeup.
And here is the dirty cotton pad

Rating: 4.5/5 ( Expensive for a makeup remover and does not come in a small size)
Final Words:  Those with sensitive skin will love this cleanser. It is oil – free and non -irritating. It is a little expensive for just a makeup remover but it is better to have two separate makeup removers, one for the face, and one which is b-phased for the eyes.

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