Vichy DERCOS Anti HairLoss Energising Shampoo Review

By Priya

Hello Everyone,
Hair Fall is a very common problem and you all must agree we try out every possible remedies available to us, be it hair fall control oil, shampoo, masks, medicines, herbal remedies, home remedies, visiting doctors etc but results are always far from satisfaction, atleast for me. And one such product I recently tried to curb my hair fall problem is Vichy DERCOS Anti HairLoss Energising Shampoo.

Product Description:
All Skin types (Hair Loss)

  • Fights the collagen stiffening process.
  • Gives energy to the hair from the root to the tip.

Hair regains vigour and vitality from the roots to the tips.

  • Hair is stronger – 78%
  • Hair is more vigorous- 76%

*Tested on 154 individuals

SP94 and Aminexil® – a patented anti-hair loss molecule, helps prevent the collagen stiffening process, which is linked to premature ageing of hair roots. Its anti-hair loss effectiveness has been clinically proven. 

With rich creamy foam, this shampoo enables soaking of the scalp, enhancing effeciency from the roots. Can be used everyday.

Rs. 590 for 100ml
Rs. 1090 for 200ml
My Views:
Before I tell you about how did this product fared on my expectations, I want to tell you about my hair type and texture. I have a chemically straightened hair which is very fine in texture and is easily breakable and I am suffering from hair fall problem since many years now. So, when I was at a Vichy counter 2 months ago & the SA showed me this product, I instantly bought it. I wish they share sample size products which are premiumly priced.

The product comes in no nonsense, easy to use plastic bottle with a nozzle opening. The shampoo is a white creamy texture formula which lathers really well and does the scalp cleaning job fairly well. The SA at Vichy, told me to use this shampoo twice a week, without any conditioner and I did the same thing and this shampoo bottle of 100ml lasted me for around 2 months. It is also paraben free.
About the results, after reading the description (above) I was so sure it will definitely reduce my hairfall to some extent if not 100 %. I followed the routine religiously and honestly speaking no miracle happened at all, not even 1% my hairfall problem was reduced. This product is complete waste of money for me.

  1. Paraben free
  2. Lathers really well
  3. Cleans scalp well


  1. Expensive – the 100ml version is no longer available so you now only have option to buy 200ml bottle
  2. Contains SLS
  3. Does not control hair fall problem

Final Verdict:

Caution: Please stay away from Vichy DERCOS Anti HairLoss Energising Shampoo, it will do nothing to your hair, literally!

Rating:  1/5 (Since it is paraben free & cleanses the hair well)

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