Vaadi Herbals Fairness Moisturizer Review

About the Product: The Vaadi Herbals Fairness Moisturizer With Mandarin Extract performs the dual action of lightening the tone of your skin as well as moisturizing it to the deepest level. It is provided with several vitamins and minerals that can lighten the complexion of the skin.
The moisturizer is made up of several silk extracts and mandarin that have a very positive effect on the skin. This is used to control the production of the skin-darkening element in the skin cells.

Price: 59 INR for 110 ml

Packaging: It comes in a tall plastic bottle with a flip cap. Quite travel friendly and there is no spillage.
The details of the product are specified on the backside of the packaging.
My experience: It is a not so thick white cream which spreads quite easily. It has a strong fragrance which fades after sometime. I had dry skin last month and my skin was peeling. This lotion helped that time but when now my skin is back to my combi-oily phase. I would definitely not suggest it to oilies. I also experienced  a lot of sweating when I applied  this. It contains parabens so sensitive skin, please be careful. However, I did not see any bad effectson my sensitive skin. I am happy it helped my dry skin. Other than that, I did not notice any skin lightening effects. It is not completely herbal so do check the ingredients before you purchase. I did not expect to get fairer with this so am not complaining. As you can see from the below pictures, it is not really sticky or greasy so would work fine for normal skin.

Rating: 3/5
Final Words: I can only see myself using this as a body lotion. Not a bad product either. If you have dry skin, you will like it.
P.S: Product is a PR Sample but my review is totally unbiased.

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