Tutorial Treat – Valentine’s Day Nail Art and Tutorial

Tutorial Treat – Valentine’s Day Nail Art and Tutorial

Guest Post By Pearl

Hey everyone, today I am sharing an easy nail art tutorial for the Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Day nail art 0

Things required

–          Base coat, top coat and Acetone (for cleaning) [I used Maybelline Color Show top coat and Orly bonder]

–          White nail paint [I used Milani nail lacquer White on the Spot]

–          Red nail paint [I used Milani Red Carpet]

–          Long striping brush, detailing brush.

–          A dotting tool [You can use tip of a round ball point pen/round part of a hair pin etc, if you don’t have a dotting tool.]

–          Hexagonal Glitters/Glequins.

–          Cleaning brush

Things Needed

I made two different kinds of hearts on my nails. The basic steps to create both of these are:

–          Apply base coat and then Red nail paint and let it dry completely.

a)      Big Heart

–          Create a heart shape on the middle and ring finger nails using a detailing brush with white nail paint.  The shape need not to be perfect.

–          Fill the shape using the striping brush with white nail paint.

–          After it dries completely apply top coat.

–          When the top coat is still wet apply hex glitters around the heart shape. [If you don’t have hex glitter, you can also dot any golden nail paint around the shape.]

–          Carefully write the letters “LOVE” on the heart shape using the detailing brush.

–          Top coat it once it dries completely.


b)      Small Hearts

–          Use the small dotting tool to create two connecting dots

–          Drag the points from the centre. This determines the length of the heart shape.

–          Now drag the points from sides  to make a heart shape. Once it dries, top coat it.

steps 2

Clean the excess nail paint near the cuticles using acetone. You have your Valentine’s Day nails ready!!

small heart

Thanks for stopping by. Stay beautiful….

About The Author: Pearl is a professionally trained makeup artist with a passion for nail art. She has worked as a nail art instructor and is currently blogging at Precious Pearl makeup Blog. Do let us know if you have any nail art requests and Pearl will help you out with simple steps.

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Preetha is an engineer turned beauty blogger from India. She loves trying out new beauty products and makeup looks. She is a mother of a one year old baby girl and loves photography, cooking and makeup of course.

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