Tutorial Treat – Christmas Tree Nails

Tutorial Treat – Christmas Tree Nails

Guest Post By Pearl

Hey everyone, today I am sharing an easy nail art tutorial. This nail art is perfect for Christmas; it’s easy and fun to create.

Christmas Tree Nail art
Christmas Tree Nail art

Things you need:

Nail paints in white, dark green, light green, yellow, blue and red. (I used Blue Heaven white 422, Sally Hansen Going Green, Sinful colors Innocent, Maybelline Colorama Amarelo Sol, VOV go on blues and Avon simply Pretty Cherry Red)

Top coat and base coat (I used Out the Door top coat and Orly bonder)

Acetone (for cleaning)

A dotting tool [you can also use a round tip hair pin or a toothpick]

Nail Art Tutorial
Nail Art Tutorial


-Apply base coat and Let it dry. Apply the white nail paint on your nail and let it dry completely.

-Start dotting the dark green nail paint in straight line parallel to the free edge of the nails.

-When the dark green dots dry, dot the light green nail paint to form another straight line above it. [Keep on decreasing the number of dots as you move towards the top].

-Repeat the steps altering dark and green dotted lines to form a triangle pointing upwards.

-Dot a yellow dot on the top of the triangle. [Keep the size of this dot a bit larger as compared to the other dots].

-Dot different colors (blue and red) randomly. [One or two dots are enough]

-Top coat it, and you have your Christmas Tree nails ready.

 Christmas Tree Nail art Tutorial 1

Nail Art Tutorial
Nail Art Tutorial

Thanks for stopping by. Stay beautiful…

About The Author: Pearl is a professionally trained makeup artist with a passion for nail art. She has worked as a nail art instructor and is currently blogging at Precious Pearl makeup Blog. Do let us know if you have any nail art requests and Pearl will help you out with simple steps.



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