The Nature’s Co. Peach Crème Body Wash Review

By Priya

Hello Everyone,
I am back with another review on IBJ and today’s product is from the brand The Nature’s Co. This is my first experience with this brand and I will be reviewing The Nature’s Co. Peach Crème Body Wash.

Product Description:

Loaded with lots of nutrients & antioxidants; Gives smooth, soft and supple skin. Our fresh and juicy Peach Creamy Body wash is loaded with lots of nutrients which are essential for smooth, soft and supple skin. While its antioxidants properties reverse signs of aging making your skin young and glowing. It also helps retain skins elasticity making it tighter and brighter. The creamy body wash lathers up in the bath or shower.

Rs. 925 for 250 ml
My Views:
I am a complete shower gel/wash junkie and I love to experiment with different varieties. Though most of the body wash gives same kind of results, what I love about them is the fragrance. I completely dig for body wash/gels mostly for their fragrance; the aroma fills the bathroom with the pleasant smell which I find very relaxing. I have heard (read) a lot of The Nature’s Co brand and I love products which are natural and free of harmful chemicals so I was excited to try out their Peach Crème Body Wash.
The Nature’s Co. Peach Crème Body Wash comes in different tube packaging which isn’t normally the case with shower gels/body wash – the ones I have used so far comes in bottle packaging. This packaging is convenient to use too but it is a little bulky to pick provided it is 250 ml tube. 

The Peach Crème Body Wash is a thick consistency – cream like product and visibly it has that peach color to it. Since, it is slightly costly than the regular ones I do not squeeze it directly onto the loofah but I prefer diluting it first therby saving me some product. It lathers equally well in case of diluted version too. The texture of the body wash is silky smooth and feels extremely soft on the skin. It does its job well in making the skin squeaky clean and it does not rip off the skin completely of its moisture especially during the winter seasons.

The most important part for which I love experimenting with Body Washes is the fragrance and even though it is called as the “Peach” Body Wash the fragrance is that of raspberry jelly and not peaches exactly. Though it smells of raspberry jelly I still love the fruity fragrance and it is very pleasing to the senses and does not feel artificial. The aroma lingers on for quite some time before it fades away and it definitely gets suppressed on application of body lotion or moisturizer.

  1. Made of natural ingredients
  2. Leaves the skin well cleansed
  3. Does not rip off the skin of its moisture
  4. Sturdy packaging – does not lead to spilling
  5. Excellent aroma – very pleasant to the senses


  1. Expensive but the 250ml will last for about 2 months

Final Verdict:

The Nature’s Co. Peach Crème Body Wash is amazing natural product which is good at its job of cleansing the skin. It leaves the skin soft and supple and fragrance it offers is very drooling. If not for anything else, I would recommend this Body Wash for its fragrance!

Rating:  4.5/5

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