How To Store Nail Polish The Correct Way

How To Store Nail Polish The Correct Way

I recently had to throw away a couple of nail paints, many high end ones too, bought just a few months back. I literally had tears in my eyes to see Inglot and OPI nail polishes in the bin and wondered how they expired so soon. I had a discussion with a friend who gave me a few tips and I have been following them. I thought I would share them with you too.


How to Store Nail Polish the Correct Way


Always keep the Nail Polish Bottles Upright:

You might have 100 of nail polishes which may occupy a lot of space if stored upright but its an important step to elongate the shelf life of your favorite nail polishes. Because when bottles are stacked over each other or on its sides, it’s harder to shake the pigments back together which tend to accumulate on one side. Thereby reducing the shelf life of the polishes.

Do not store Nail Polishes in Refrigerator:

Many people believe, including me, that storing nail polishes in refrigerator will make it last longer. Yes it does, but it is very unsafe in case the bottle breaks or opens. The highly inflammable contents in the bottle can react with a closed refrigerator environment and could lead to disaster.   nail-polish

Do not store Nail Polishes in Bathroom or High Humidity Areas:

We all know temperature & conditions in bathroom keeps on changing frequently due to use of shower etc, so it is not advisable to store nail polishes in bathroom. The ideal place to store nail polishes is where it is cool, dry & away from direct sunlight.

Keep the Rim of Nail Polish Bottles Clean:

With regular usage or even when nail polishes lie sideways, we see accumulation of color at the rim of the bottle. Over the period of time, it dries up, not allowing the bottle to complete shut, which results in drying up of nail polishes way before their shelf life. So, make sure you clean the rim of the bottle with a soft cloth dipped in nail polish remover or paint thinner every week or fortnightly.

Never use Nail Polish Remover or Acetone as a thinner:

Even after following all the steps above, it is possible that nail polishes can still thicken over the period of time and as a quick fix many of us use Nail Polish Remover or Acetone as a thinner which works but the result is temporary only. It goes to its usual self after few days because the remover or acetone disturbs the formulation of the nail polish. The correct way to thin the nail polish is to use a Nail Polish Thinner. You can even use thinner used for commercial paints if Nail Polish thinner is not available. It works just fine and is easily available.

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