Soulflower Juicy Red Tomato Soap Review

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Let me begin with my introduction first, I am Erica yes you got it right , “Ric, Ricky etc” I don’t know how many nicknames I have but I guess most of you might already know me and must be in total shock that What I am doing here? 😛 Very simple… I am now loud and proud to announce that I am a writer for IBJ beginning from today. I am very happy and excited to write for my beloved Mumbaikar friend PREETHA.  The moment she asked me to write for her I without thinking further said ‘yes’. I love reading the post here at IBJ and enjoy mingling with my fellow bloggers here.  I think I have enough good reasons to write for IBJ , so before I pen down everything.
Let me re-direct you to my first review i.e Soulflower Juicy Red Tomato Soap.

Lately, I have been a lot and I really mean a lot into skincare and less into make up. I am so obsessed with finding a remarkable cleanser that I end up buying anything and everything that says “good for acne prone skin”. Wants proof?? Please ask Pree.. she already knows How many cleanser and face wash’s I got last month 😛 Some one told me the soulflower soaps are really good and worth trying… So I like one desperate female went to the website checking out their soap range and it sounded more like a god gift product for all kinda facial skin problem. After a lot of hunting I settled buying Soulflower Juicy Red tomato Soap and A for Anti ageing soap. Now, the product description was so tempting that I couldn’t resist buying just one. I really wanted to try all of them but somehow I restrained myself and thank God I did…
Product Description –

Price – Rs. 200
The packaging of this soap is obviously different from other soaps. Its transparent so you can actually see the color and amount of the soap inside. There is “Soulflower” engraved on the flipside of the soap. The main attraction of the soap is the product description and benefits written on the cover which is like shouting in big letters “BUY ME or U’ll regret” 😛

My Experience :-
I was impressed the way Soulflower Company had such high claims about this soap and I was really expecting this to be miraculous but unfortunately nothing like that sort happened. I thought soulflower being 100% veg soap will do wonders to my problematic skin. But believe me this is no replacement to a face wash. It lathers really well, great quantity at the price. One bar will last you a month and more if you cut it down into pieces and use because it melts easily. It leaves your skin squeaky clean and fresh and no problems as such. But doesn’t help with acne or removal of tan. Its just a regular soap which can be used for face as well as body. It smells absolutely natural and something which is difficult to explain. Also I would like to input that my sister has sensitive skin and she cannot use any soap, she has to be very careful in choosing a good facewash or soap for her facial skin and she loved this soap because it never dried out or caused her any allergy. As a result, I just gave her this soap and continued using my Vichy facewash.

Lathers a lot
Leaves skin squeaky clean and fresh
Great quantity
Last for month and more if only used on face
Good for sensitive skintypes

All the product claims are misleading
It’s a regular soap
Melts easily
No improvement overall on my face

My Rating – 2/5
Final Verdict – I am definitely not buying it. If you are like me who expect a lot from your face wash or cleanser then you sure wouldn’t like it. I was expecting a lot from Soulflower soaps but thoroughly disappointed about this one. It’s a no replacement for face wash ever.

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Preetha is an engineer turned beauty blogger from India. She loves trying out new beauty products and makeup looks. She is a mother of a one year old baby girl and loves photography, cooking and makeup of course.

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