Sleek Makeup Brow Kit Extra Dark Review, Demo

Sleek Makeup Brow Kit Extra Dark Review, Demo

Guest Post By Poonam

Eyebrows frame our face and well groomed brows have the ability to change our entire look. Dont you believe me.. 😛 Try doing an eye look without threading and plucking those extra hairs, click few pictures …you cant pin point but something is missing. Now, lets change the scenario and do the brows and fill them with a brow wax/pencil .. Click more pictures and compare with former. You will be amazed to see the difference; the makeup will look much beautiful and crisp with the brows done. We Indians are usually blessed with thick dense brows and certainly doesn’t require eye brow filler but still a little bit of touch up on the brows can entirely change the situation. So, to help you with the brows today I am going to review Sleek Makeup Eye brow Kit in Extra Dark

Sleek Eye Brow Kit
Sleek Makeup Brow Kit Extra Dark Review

Product Description: Brow Kit is the ultimate product to create perfect brows with plenty of impact.
Price: $10.99 (Rs 700 approx.)

Sleek Eye Brow Kit - Extra Dark
Sleek Makeup Brow Kit Extra Dark Review

Available in 4 shades

  1. Light
  2. Dark
  3. Extra dark
  4. Black
Sleek Brow Kit - Extra Dark Brow Wax Ingredients
Sleek Makeup Brow Kit Extra Dark Review

Packaging: Sleek Brow kit comes in classy Sleek packaging, smooth matte black case with the brand name over the top. The kit is really sturdy which keeps the product inside safe and sounds.

Sleek EyeBrow Kit - Extra Dark
Sleek Makeup Brow Kit Extra Dark Review

The kit comes with Colored Brow Wax, Brow Powder and grooming tools which are placed in a separate pocket inside that tiny box. There is also a full sized mirror on the inside which is a lot of help when I would like to do my brows on the go and comes handy during travels too. I am big fan of Sleek packaging which is a treat for both eyes and hands.

Sleek Brow Kit - Extra Dark 819
Sleek Makeup Brow Kit Extra Dark Review

My Experience with Sleek Brow Kit – Extra Dark:
Naturally, my brows are quite dense but while shooting an eye makeup tutorial or creating a full face looks I prefer doing brows to add some extra points to the look 😉 and this is where this Sleek Eye brow Kit comes to the rescue.

Sleek Eye Brow Kit - Extra Dark 819
Sleek Makeup Brow Kit Extra Dark Review

Lets checkout what all the Kit Comprises:

  1. Dark Blackish Brown Pigmented Wax: This has a light-weight gel like texture which goes on smoothly over the brows. It has thin consistency and color blends/sheers out quite easily. The wax also tames unruly hair and fix them the way you want.
  2. Medium Dark Chocolate Brown Setting Powder: This Brow powder helps in setting the brow wax to prevent it form slipping and also fill in any wide spaces in the brows.
  3. Mini Angled Brush: This Brush has soft brown bristles cut in angled shape and lightly packed to give it ample flexibility to move over the brows and fill them with precision. The bristles are soft and I find the quality much better than the NYX one.
  4. Mini Flat Shader brush: The brush resembles any flat shader brush but much tinier version. The bristles are thin and lightly tapered on the sidesb which makes it suitable for dabbing brown setting powder and filling the brows.
  5. Mini slanted Tweezers: Tweezers comes handy to pluck out those nasty spoilers that pop out, the moment you feel you have tamed all of them. But this is my least favorite from the Kit as it doesn’t do the aforementioned job satisfactorily and I have to try really hard to get it done. For this purpose, I would rather use my regular tweezers which plucks easily.
Sleek Brow Kit - Extra Dark Brushes
Sleek Makeup Brow Kit Extra Dark Review

How to fill in the Brows:

  1. Undone brows looks a little gross
  2. Pluck those extra hair and give a little shape the brows
  3. Start with the angled brush and pigmented wax to give desired shape to your brows, thick or thin depending on your liking. Dip the brush slightly in the wax and the start wiping it across your brows in tiny strokes.
  4. Once done, pick up the flat shading brush and pick setting powder to fill in any spaces and give a fuller look to brows.
  5. The powder will also prevent the wax from slipping and gives a more of natural finish to brows

Tip: Start with the middle of the brows than the Front (near the nose) as excess application of brow wax can give thick and gothic appearance to brows which is surely undesirable.

Sleek Eyebrow Kit- Step By Step
Sleek Makeup Brow Kit Extra Dark Review

Sleek Eyebrow Kit- Extra Dark Look
Sleek Makeup Brow Kit Extra Dark Review

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Sleek Eyebrow Kit on eye brows
Sleek Makeup Brow Kit Extra Dark Review

Pros of Sleek Brow Kit – Extra Dark:

  1. Pigmented Gel Wax for taming unruly brow hair
  2. Setting powder to fill in spaces
  3. Comes with brush applicators, tweezer and mirror
  4. Highly pigmented formula
  5. Gives a natural looking fuller brows
  6. Great quality for the price paid
  7. Will last me a lifetime
  8. Sturdy sleek matte black packaging
  9. Travel-friendly kit
  10. Available in 4 shades to choose one based on your hair color
Sleek Eyebrow Kit Eyes
Sleek Makeup Brow Kit Extra Dark Review

Cons of Sleek Brow Kit – Extra Dark:

  1. Availability as Sleek isn’t available in India but can be bought online.
  2. Wish the tweezer have been a little more functional
Sleek Eye Brow Kit Look
Sleek Makeup Brow Kit Extra Dark Review

Recommendation: Sleek Brow Kit in Extra Dark is fully functional brow kit with pigmented wax, setting powder, tiny brushes, tweezer and a mirror. The brushes that come along with the packaging are of great help and 99% of the times I would use these only for the purpose. I use the Angled one with Wax/Gel for shaping the brows and Tapered one for setting it with powder and finishing up the look. I think the brow filler shade can also be used as an eye shadow.. 😉

Sleek Brow Kit - Extra Dark

The wax and setting powder is immensely pigmented which quickly does the job shaping and filling the brows. Extra Dark Kit is perfect for black brow hair as it provides a natural looking finish unlike the black colored brow fillers/pencils which can make the brows look harsh. The kit creates an illusion of perfect brows and not the monstrous fully grown ones. Highly Recommended!

About The Writer: Poonam writes Beauty And Makeup Matters. She is known for her fantastic eye makeup tutorials and celebrity inspired looks. Do visit her blog to know more about her.

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