Sephora Smoky Kohl Eyeliner 06 Blue Review

By Erica

Hello dearies,
If you ask me which is my favourite shade in Sephora Smoky Kohl eyeliner I would say the blue. I used the grey smoky kohl eyeliner and then I thought “Oh this is my favourite” and then I happened to use this and I was like “No way, Blue has to be my favourite amongst the lot” 😛 This is what Sephora Smoky kohl eyeliner does to me. I Honestly like the blue than the grey and black I have from the same range. Simply coz it’s a blue that resembles to “All night blue”. I love that shade and even though I have this I still want the L’oreal infallible eyshadow “All night blue”.  But this is like a great replacement towards “All night blue”.

Product Description-
Where there is smoke, there is fire! The first Smoky Kohl Liner from Sephora Collection, this product features a rich, highly pigmented texture in a sleek, retractable component. Its super smooth-gliding texture lets you create a fantastic smoky eye easily and without tugging. 
Price – $12

My Experience
If you like the shade “All night blue” from L’oreal Infallible eyeshadow then you will sure as hell like this kohl eyeliner.  It’s a lovely blue shade and looks great when smoked out. I can apply this as an eyeliner as well as and eyeshadow. It can be applied on the waterline as well being kohl eyeliner. But again being kohl it doesn’t last that long on the waterline. The staying power on the waterline is hardly 2hrs and on the lids it last as long as I don’t remove it with make up remover. Nevertheless, you can re-apply it. 
The texture is creamy and glides easily just like an ideal kohl. It gives a nice silky sheen to the eyes when applied. I did not experience any kind of irritation to my eyes. Its eye-friendly 😛 To create smokey eyes you can simply apply as an eye shadow with your finger and simply blend with a smudger or using your finger. Its that easy, you need not be a pro to get smokey eyes.  Any no-voice make up lover can get smokey eyes with Sephora smoky kohl eyeliner.  Overall, it’s a fab product for multipurpose use-  eyeliner, kohl and eyeshadow 3 in 1. Below is how it looks on me.

  • Pretty blue shade as “All night blue”
  • Can be smoked out and smudged
  • Smooth texture, glides easily
  • Doesn’t need brush to create smoky eyes, can use fingers.
  • 3 in 1 – an eyeshadow, eyeliner and kohl
  • Good quantity
  • Classy packaging
  • Stay put on the eyelids for 7-8hrs
  • Smoky eyes is super quick and easy using this.
  • No irritation experienced.
  • Can be purchased on a huge discount price during sale

Cons –

  • Doesn’t last on the waterline after 2hrs
  • Might crease on oily eyelids if applied as an eye shadow
  • Availability is a major problem
  • Pricey

Ratings – 4/5
Recommendation- Oh I will recommend this kohl eyeliner big time! Its gorgeous and easy peasy and of coz user friendly to everyone.

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