Revlon Colorstay Top Coat Review

By Priya

Product Description:
The Revlon Colorstay Top Coat claims to extend the life of your nail color for up to 9 days of smooth, shiny color. Revlon’s patented polymer complex, combined with protective lustre-lock silicones, smoothens imperfections and locks in high shine while protecting color for extended wear. This top coat dries and hardens fast and its smooth application ensures salon quality manicured nails in a minute!
Rs. 210 for 8ml

My Views:
What happens in India when you ask a SA at a beauty counter for a “Top Coat”? Well, she will give you a bottle of “Transparent Nail Polish” and say it’s the same thing!! Please somebody tell them a “Top Coat” is used to increase the life of nail paint/manicure, to provide it shine & gloss and to help in drying the nail paint faster. How on earth a “Transparent Nail Polish” is going to do all that tasks?!
Revlon Colorstay Top Coat is one of the few products available in Indian Market in the category of “Top Coats”& since I didn’t have many options I brought this one home happily. 

Revlon Colorstay Top Coat is in a transparent form and the consistency is a little bit runnier than a nail polish. It has a plastic brush unlike nail polishes which have a nylon bristles brush. And because of this plastic brush, the application of Top Coat needs extra- extra care or else it will cause streaks on the surface. I have tried different ways to avoid streaks – applied Top Coat immediately after applying nail polish so it easily merges with the polish; I tried waiting 2-3 minutes after applying polish & I also tried waiting till my nail polish gets completely dried but each time this brush succeeds in creating a dent on the nail polish surface.
I also noticed that this brush works better (not perfectly) if I do not remove the excess formula by wiping it at the edge of the bottle but somehow it manages to create a streak here and there.
Revlon Colorstay Top Coat claims it dries & hardens faster & I have read a few reviews online where they claim it does do so but for me it didn’t dry faster. For me, it takes a usual time of 15-20 minutes which nails polish takes to dry out completely. That’s not my only complaint, even after completely drying, I don’t know how but I get a gritty, patchy design on my nail polish the next day (I apply it in the night time usually). The finish it gives is for sure glossy and shiny nails. 

The most important aspect of a “Top Coat” is that it makes your mani lasts longer. Revlon claims it makes the mani last for 9 days!! Well, I would say it depends on what your job is. I mean you do Household work or you work in office or you do both! For the former job, it will make your mani last for 3-5 days before it starts chipping and for the later job, it will make it last for 6-7 days easily.

  1. Gives glossy and shiny finish to the manicures
  2. Increases the life the of the nail polishes to a decent extent
  3. Price
  4. It does help in smoothening imperfections if any
  1. The plastic brush creates streak on the nail polish
  2. Requires a good quantity of formula for every nail, hence will finish off early.
  3. Does not dry out immediately
  4. Creates grits and patches even after drying out
  5. It requires extra extra care while applying

Final Verdict:
I bought this baby home with very high expectations and it didn’t quite live upto it. It causes streaks on the nail polish, it takes forever to dry and after drying it still manages to cause grits on the design. Only positive is it does increase the nail polish wear time to a decent time & gives glossy look to the nails. 
Rating: 2.5/5
P.S: I am wearing Health & Glow Envy Nail Colour in the shade Rock Crystal #41.

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  1. jeeshan umar Reply

    revlon is a great brand right :) they are good with foundations, nail polish, lipsticks! and affordable too. great review :)

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