How To Remove Sun Tan

How To Remove Sun Tan

Climate in India is mostly hot excluding the months of winters, rest of the year we have the hot sun above us. So tanning and burning of skin from the hot weather is a common skin problem found in Indian Women. Even though you use the sun shield lotions, it’s always temporary and does not result as expected. tan_b_02_05_2013 But how do you tackle the tanning of skin? Tanned skin makes you looks dull and burnt, and appears darker than you are. It becomes a maniac to present ourselves with such a reddish tanned prone skin in the public. Sunscreens are the one which every woman prefers before they step out. These creams can come up with average results, but to gain satisfactory results you have to serve your skin with the easy homemade face packs. I have an easy oatmeal face pack for sun tanned skin, but before that let me discuss how sun tanning can be avoided.

How to avoid Skin from Sun Tan?

  • Always cover your skin with soft shawls and umbrellas before stepping out for hot sun.
  • Apply sunscreen lotions as a onetime skin protector.
  • Drink lots of water, especially tender water. Intake of leafy vegetables and fresh fruits cools down the body metabolism.
  • Splash cold water to your face in regular intervals of time.
  • Avoid heavy makeup and cosmetics.

How To Make Oatmeal face Pack

Ingredients: One spoon oatmeal Half spoon turmeric 3 to 4 spoons of buttermilk.

Oatmeal face pack
Oatmeal face pack

Procedure: Take a clean bowl and the ingredients. Make a fine paste of it and apply over face and neck. You can even massage for some time before you allow it to dry.

Oatmeal face pack
Oatmeal face pack

Rinse off after drying with warm water may be around 15 to 20 minutes. Pat to dry your skin; do not press hard with a rough towel which might cause skin rashes.

Oatmeal face pack
Oatmeal face pack

Benefits of Oatmeal Face Pack: Oatmeal exfoliates skin scrubbing out the dead and rough skin. It clears the pores and lessens the blackheads. As the tanned skin looks dull and pale, Turmeric helps you to regain the skin colour and evens the skin tone.  Also turmeric has antibacterial agents which reduces acne and lightens the scars. Buttermilk is the best coolant for the tanned skin. It cools down the itchy burning sensation and soothes skin. Buttermilk also acts as bleach adding a glow to your skin. Follow this face pack thrice a week before shower or may be before bed time. You can find the results within few days.

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