Pond’s Pimple Clear White Multi-Action Facial Wash Review

Pond’s Pimple Clear White Multi-Action Facial Wash Review

Guest Post By Praseena of Coral Crue

This is my first guest post on any blog and I am so happy. Today I will be reviewing the latest offer from Ponds. It was launched a while back but the entire serious looking white packaging kept intriguing me. I passed by it several times at the store shelf waiting to try it out because it looked like the complete packaged deal. Everything I needed in a face wash and more! Could this be the face wash made in heaven?

Brand Claims

  • Fight 10 problems with Pond’s face wash
  • Removes excess oil
  • Clears pimples
  • Reduces pimple related blemishes
  • Reduces redness
  • Calms skinPonds Pimple clear face wash
  • Reduces blackheads
  • Reduces whiteheads
  • Smoothens rough skin
  • Tighten pores
  • Brightens skin

Ponds Pimple clear face wash5IMG_4015

This face wash has been formulated with powerful combination of oil absorbing herbal clay, pimple fighting salicylic acid formula, multi action gented beads and skin brightening essence which gives you fresh, clear and fairer skin.

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Price Rs.75 for 50gm of product


Wet your face, take a small amount( you really need just a bare dot as this foams up like shaving lather if you use too much) on the palm and rub with water till foamy. Apply to face and neck. Gently massage for ten seconds. Rinse thoroughly and pat your face dry with a soft cotton towel. Use morning and evening.

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Myristic acid, glycerin, water, propylene glycol, potassium hydroxide, palmitic acid, stearic acid, lauric acid, glycol distearate, decyl glucoside, polyethylene, glyceryl stearate, silica and CI 74260, salicylic acid, niacinamide, polyquaternium-7, disodium edta, dmdm hydantoin and iodopropynyl butylcarbamate, fragrance, azadirachta indica leaf extract and ocimum basilicum(basil) flower/leaf extract, kaolin, CI 17200, CI 19140, CI 42090

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My thoughts

The packaging is really good. The flip cap is not as tight to handle in the shower like the earlier variant face washes from Pond’s. I remember having to grip both my hands and trying to open them in the shower and facing some difficulty but not so in this case. I can see myself travelling with it for the same reason that the flip cap is pretty much leakage/spill proof.

I like the overall white theme given to this product. A nice clean feel and change over from the usual face wash tubes.

Ponds Pimple clear face wash4IMG_4375

The smell is the signature Pond’s face wash smell, they all smell and feel the same too. You need not even a fourth of the quantity I’ve depicted above. I just wanted to show you what it looks in it’s entirety so I squeezed out way more than required. You need a very tiny dot even for the oiliest of skin. In that regard, this tube will last me a very long time even if I wash my face twice daily. I think I have been successful at capturing the sea green micro-granules which are hard to see till you squint your eyes but you can feel it as you lather up and scrub it gently on your face. It’s in no way harsh at all and won’t hurt your skin even with vigorous motions your skin will not be inflicted with microscopic tears. But just because I said so doesn’t mean you go around scrubbing like you do your aluminium pots and pans. It’s your face, be gentle :)

It’s a silky foamy white colour and lathers very well. I massage it in circular motions especially where I have acne marks that I want to be gone. It leaves my skin matte, not stretched out and comfortable. But if I do use too much, I feel my skin itch. And it’s itches bad then. However I won’t certify that as a con because that happens only if you leave it on too long on your skin- above three minutes or longer. I tried. Just to see it’s versatility as a face mask. It’s claims are all quite worthy except for the part that says it improves redness- NOT!

                                                                                                 whitens skin- NADA!

                                                                                                     calms skin- no!

                                                                                                  tightens pores Nope!

Rest all the claims are true.

Am I being too harsh? Well, let’s just say that if you have extremely sensitive skin, don’t get this. Or if you are really inquisitve dilute it with lots of water and try it. For the rest of us, it suits fine and I really like the fact that it does lighten acne scars pretty quickly.

Over all it’s a good product to try, if you are wary of loads of chemicals then you can skip this one but if you want something strong for acne scars and for oily skin, you want a really good mild scrub kind of face wash with salicylic acid in it and if you want your face to be matte for long, check this out. I feel of all the Pond’s face washes that have been released this is by far the best.

Rating: 3.9/5

About The Author: Praseena has been in the beauty blogosphere for quite sometime. She is a beauty cum lifestyle blogger. She writes Coral Crue. Do visit her site to know more about her.

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Preetha is an engineer turned beauty blogger from India. She loves trying out new beauty products and makeup looks. She is a mother of a one year old baby girl and loves photography, cooking and makeup of course.

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