Park Avenue Beer Shampoo Review

By Nids
Product Description: Park Avenue Beer Shampoo makes your hair become soft and shiny and has a good and lively volume.
Park Avenue Beer Shampoo is unisex and can be used by men and women who desire that extra shine and lustre
This is organic and is formulated with real beer so that your locks get nothing but the best in hair care
It will help you flaunt lustrous locks.
Price: 160 INR for 200ml (available on discount online)
My views on my first ever beer shampoo:
I got it out of sheer curiosity and also after hearing some nice comments on this shampoo. My hair is something which always tends to give me problems in the form of dandruff, hair fall or dull, shine less texture so I am always in a lookout for trying something new for my hair. Purchasing the Bear shampoo is one such instant decision.

On the first day when I got it and kept it on the bathroom shelf, my husband saw this and seriously asked me, ‘Have you started drinking beer?’ 😛 😀
And before I could try out this shampoo, he grabbed it from the shelf, sniffed it and was like ‘Ahh… it seriously smells like beer’ 😉 and then he used it too. Well, cutting the story short, he actually liked this shampoo more than me coz of the similarity of the packaging and smell of it to that of beer 😉 :D.
The shampoo comes in a beer styled plastic bottle packaging with the flip top cap also looking same as that of a beer bottle cork. The shampoo has a dirty yellow color and the smell is seriously repulsive for those who don’t drink beer otherwise you won’t mind the fragrance too. 
The shampoo has a fairly thick texture and lathers very well. Don’t worry about having any leftover oil even in a single strand of hair after using this shampoo. It does clean the hair and scalp thoroughly leaving the hair shiny and bouncy. Beer does delicious things for your hair and scalp. It nourishes and smoothes hair, while strengthens your strands and pumps up the volume.
Though the smell is quite gross, but it does not linger on after the hair wash and still you can reduce its effect by applying your favourite perfumed conditioner in the end. 😉
I like the way this shampoo makes my hair light and bouncy and at the same time quite tamed too. I don’t apply any conditioner after this as all conditioners tends to weigh down my hair after 2 days itself. Still I find my hair quite manageable after using the beer shampoo alone. It does add volume to the hair so if you have thin hair, do give this a shot. Some people complain it to be extra drying but I don’t see that. It has helped to clear my scalp of dandruff to quite an extent and I don’t find any itchiness even on the 4th day after using this 1. But it has not shown much effect on reducing the hair fall problem. 
Fulfils its claims
Adds shine and volume to the hair
Clears the scalp of dandruff
Easily removes oil from the hair
Make the hair manageable without weighing them down even after 4 days.
I don’t find it over drying.
Repulsive smell is a big letdown but only for people who do not like beer. 😉
The cap is not seal proof and it easily leaks.
Not much effect on reducing hair fall.
Ratings: 4/5
Final Verdict: I like it and so would many of you who have normal hair that tends to become oily and sticky soon. It clears the scalp of dandruff and reduces itchiness too so people suffering from this problem can also give it a try. I think this shampoo can be a big Hit among men than women ;).

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