Oriflame Very Me Clickit Eyeliner Review

Oriflame Very Me Clickit Eyeliner Review

By Priya

Hello Everyone,
If you are following IBJ since long then you must have read about my review on Avon Simply Pretty Waterproof Eyeliner and how disappointing that product really was. Recently I got a chance to try out another budget eyeliner – Oriflame Very Me Clickit Eyeliner in Black and with very less expectations I ventured into trying it out and I was pleasantly surprised.

Product Details:
Glossy eyeliner in electrifying shades and means all eyes are on you. Glides on smoothly for super-precise lines. Combine with clickit mascara for an ultra-glamorous look.
Price: Rs. 169 for 3.5 ml

My Views:
Oriflame Very Me Clickit Eyeliner comes in a tiny packaging which is so compact in size that it fits in anywhere and it the best option for me when I am travelling. Since the size of the container is small, the brush that comes with it is also isn’t very long but still it is decent in size for smooth application of eyeliner. The bristles of the brush are thin & precise and very well formed in shape that it does not fray at all. The densely packed bristles actually look like a felt tip applicator & hence give the most definite control over the application of eyeliner. If you are a beginner with eyeliners then this is the one eyeliner to try as it gives you controlled & precise brush to work with.
The formula of the liquid is great to work with. There is no foul smell nor does it thicken over the time in the container. The pigmentation of the color is great too and a single swipe gives the intense finish. It gives glossy finish and it is best suited for upper lashline. I don’t prefer using liquid eyeliners on the lower lashline so I am not sure if it stings there. The staying power is great too. On my eyes, it stayed an entire day until I decided to remove it. It does not smudge or feather but it isn’t waterproof. If touched it will feather, as long as you keep your hands away from your eyes it won’t budge.


  1. Super compact packaging – fits anywhere, does not need any space.
  2. Quality brush for precise application
  3. Great for beginners
  4. Price
  5. Available in 5 colors
  6. Intense Black & Glossy finish
  7. Does not feather or smudge
  8. Stays on all day long
  9. No foul smell. Great formulation
  10. Very affordable


  1. Not waterproof
Final Verdict:
Oriflame Very Me Clickit Eyeliner in Black is simply superb for the price and if you are on a budget or a college student, you should definitely try this out! I love it for the compact size & awesome quality applicator and the finish is glossy & intense.
Rating:  5/5

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