New Inglot Palette- Dupe of Z Palette

Hey Everyone,

I came across these new palettes at Inglot. They are similar to the Z palettes that are available on ebay and some other International websites. They cost Rs. 480 and are decently priced compared to the other round and square palettes.

New Inglot Palette

They are empty palettes and you can keep your individual eyeshadow/lipstick/blush refills. The palette is sturdy and travel friendly.

New Inglot Palette

You now don’t have to make a DIY palettes to store your refills. The only problem is the availability. These are available only in the stores.

New Inglot Palette

It also come with an outer cover like most Inglot products. Keeps the products inside stiff and immovable.

New Inglot Palette

Can you see how many refills I have kept in the above palette? They also provide separate compartments for blush, powder and eyeshadow refills so you can customize your palette according to your needs.

New Inglot Palette

It is sleek and travel friendly. It can easily fit into your handbag for makeup on the go.:)

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