My Visit To The Four Fountains Spa

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I recently got a chance to visit The Four Fountains Spa at Malad, Mumbai. The Four Fountains Spa is definitely one of the biggest chains in India. They have branches at various places like Goa, Bangalore, Pune, Aurangabad, Kolkata, Delhi and Gurgaon apart from Mumbai.

I have heard a alot about this spa even before visiting so when I was invited for a complimentary spa session, I did not think twice about saying yes.

The Four Fountains Spa is located on the main road ( Link Road) in Malad, just next to Flag’s and opposite to Bata Show Room.It was very easy to locate the spa.

I was greeted by the receptionist there who also gave me a medical form to fill in my details. He also asked me a couple of questions regarding my health, fitness, routine. Based on that, they decide the stress level. They do have different therapies for different stress levels. Being a full time beauty blogger, I do what I love and do not worry much or take stress on a daily basis so I was in the normal category.

As I browsed through their catalogue, I found that the prices were quite reasonable when compare to my regular salon rates. They also have happy hours when the rates are somewhere around 700-800 too.
I was asked to choose any service. Since I am not much comfortable with body massages, I took a Lightening Facial which costs Rs.1900. The beauty blogger in me made me ask some questions as to what brands they use for facials. He said they use natural products that are made by them. 

I was introduced to the therapist who was very sweet and active. She even complimented me for my features, especially my eyes and asked if I am a south Indian. I was given a transparent sheet to be worn on top. She neatly tied my hair back and made me feel very comfortable. I did not have to wait for a long time and she was in within a few minutes.

I do go for regular facials/cleanups once or twice a month as my skin is prone to blackheads very often. Honestly, I have never experienced such a wonderful facial anywhere in my life. I could feel that the products used on my face were completely natural. The scrub was a bit coarse and I thought it would irritate my sensisive skin but it helped take away all the dirt and made my skin brighter. They do not use any bleach or artificial lightening agents. The ambience and the music itself were so soothing to the eyes and I did not realize when I had dozed off. The massage was fantastic and professional too. Since I have sensitive skin, I am very finicky about the person who does the facial and the sponges used on me. I must say, the therapist understood my skin and massaged accordingly.

I woke up and saw my face brightened and lightened, without any bleach. I felt that my face was thoroughly cleansed, toned and tightened too. My under eye area also seemed brighter.
The receptionist also gave me a small jar of a gel which is prepared by them. He said, it provides stress relief. I tried it at home and it is very cooling and refreshing. It also induces sleep.

I was highly impressed and promised them that I would bring my husband for a spa session next weekend.
I am definitely taking my monthly facials only at The Four Fountains Spa. Being a work from home person, I can very well use the “Happy Hours” rates.

I would suggest you to try out this spa and am sure you will be impressed too. A spa is something every girl should experience.
You can check the locations here

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Preetha is an engineer turned beauty blogger from India. She loves trying out new beauty products and makeup looks. She is a mother of a one year old baby girl and loves photography, cooking and makeup of course.

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