MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash Review

By Christina

This was the first MAC product that I bought in India.  I desperately needed a mascara cause of my virtually nil eye lashes and my budget allowed me choose between L’oreal’s Million Lashes and MAC’s Zoom Fast Black Lash. I should have chosen L’oreal’s Million lashes but ended up greedily choosing MAC. It was the very word that got to me and nothing else. Sheer name.

Price: Rs.1000
None of the reviews that I read had anything bad to say about the product and so I proceeded to buy it.  I stood in the mall and didn’t consider anything like lengthening, curling, thickening…only MAC.  I approached the S.A. and got her to try it on me. She was all praise for the dark black, long lashes that the product had suddenly bestowed on me. I was thrilled and like a dummy nodded my head to and fro and paid for it. It was only when I got home to my 5x mirror to admire my eyes that I saw the biggest RACCOON eyes ever!
It was all over my eyes and cheeks, thanks to my super oily lids.  If you are thinking, I should have mentioned it to the S.A., well I did.  She said “Oh, its water resistant, don’t worry”.  I think my comprehension went for a walk because it just didn’t strike me that I needed something water-proof.

Water-Resistant: Water-resistant mascaras rebuff water to a certain degree but cannot withstand the rain, oily lids and crying. Non water-resistant mascaras are water-soluble.  Easy to remove.
Water-Proof: This means the mascara repels moisture and is a better option for women with lids like mine.  Requires an eye make-up remover.
So I was stuck with this product from MAC and there ended my desire to purchase anything else from the brand.  The look it gives to my lashes, is nothing dramatic and the only good thing is the really dark black colour that is pretty obvious.  That really makes the eyes look nice but then if it’s going to drip down, it is of no use. The wand is stiff and easy to manage like the average mascara but not easy to manage when it comes to the lower lashes unless you have some long ones. The bristles are kind of closely packed and pick up an ok amount of product.  In the pictures you can see how thick the formula is.

This mascara is expensive and not worth the money.  It is not for everyone considering the smudging and clumping effect it gives.  Two coats of this makes awful clumps. If you are someone like me who wears mascara once a week, then it’s not worth it, plus if you consider that you got to throw it out in like 6 months then it’s even more painful.  You shouldn’t hoard mascara and when it comes to your eyes you should be careful. 

Pros of MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash

  • Gives a nice dark black colour
  • Reliable product from a reputed company
  • Water resistant
  • Can hardly smell the product
  • Does not sting the eyes
  • Wand is easy to use and hold
  • Stylish tube and quite chic to whip out in public

The cons of MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash

  • Expensive
  • Nothing too dramatic      
  • Opthalmologically tested
  • Clumps after 2 coats
  • Considering my oily eyelids – doesn’t even last an hour
  • Gives me racoon eyes
  • Not easy to apply for lower lashes too
  • Thick formula
  • Available only at MAC stores in selected cities in India

Final Words: It’s ok for people who have longish lashes that keep eye products on for a long time.  I promised myself I would not buy anything from them but then I got tempted again and bought their water-proof mascara.  That review, another time!

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Preetha is an engineer turned beauty blogger from India. She loves trying out new beauty products and makeup looks. She is a mother of a one year old baby girl and loves photography, cooking and makeup of course.

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