MAC Rihanna Holiday Collection RiRi Bronzer Review

MAC Rihanna Holiday Collection RiRi Bronzer Review

By Sushmita

Hello Ladies- how are you all?… Enjoying sweaty hot summer??  Weather is getting hotter day by day and hence it’s a perfect time to have a sun kissed look..I feel sad to say that I wasn’t a bronzer girl before until I met MISS Rihaanaaa Bronzing Powder 😀 Here I introduce – MAC RIHANNA Holiday collection- RIRI Bronzing Powder.

MAC RiRI Bronzer
MAC RiRI Bronzer

Product details: Rihanna and M·A·C team up again for a collection full of stunning accessories and beauty must-haves. The bronzing powder features a soft, golden brown hue with a gold pearl shine to give you sheer, natural color and highlights. It’s ideal for enhancing your skin tone or for accenting a tan. Suitable for all skin types..

Price: 1800 INR for 9 gm OR 0.335 US oz.

MAC RiRI Bronzer
MAC RiRI Bronzer

During my visit on Rihanna Holiday collection I did picked Riri <3 woo lipsticks but failed to notice any other shades or variants. There was a war at MAC store then, but within that chaos MAC MUA took time for me and did wonderful make over on me with RIRI Bronzing powder, RIRI WOO lipstick and RIRI eye shadow palette. All in all it was such a fun and I was wooed. Unfortunately, it was OOS since they got only 2 pcs. Anyways I was dying to gets my hands on this beautiful LE product from Rihanna holiday Collection. After searching like a hound I finally set back with this. I just can’t thank them enough.

MAC RiRI Bronzer
MAC RiRI Bronzer

The most important – The Packaging!! Ahhh… I m sold. The price is high but still I feel Rihanna love <3 is worth every penny… It’s just a pretty piece of art! It comes with white and rose gold packaging with gold accent like other product from this collection. The attractive golden Signature of Rihanna’s “R” on product as well as on the packaging makes it look chic. 😉 MAC Rihanna holiday- RIRI Bronzing Powder is described as a “soft, golden brown powder with overspray of gold pearl” RIRI Bronzing Powder is silky smooth and buildable, It is suitable for all skin type and can work on all skin tones. It is medium- dark golden brown with subtle sheen, and has warm rosy-bronze undertones in it. The shimmery rose gold- bronze-overspray “R” makes the intensity and opacity stronger. It overdo the actual bronzer colour adding golden warmth in it, that’s the reason it can be used on tanned skin tone as well. However, it’s only an overspray and does not go all the way through the product; therefore it will last up to first few applications. Now that’s the bummer! The staying power is also commendable…gives me more than 7-8 hours of staying power on me.( without any primer).

MAC RiRI Bronzer
MAC RiRI Bronzer

What I like about MAC RIHANNA Holiday collection- RIRI<3 Bronzing Powder:

  • The packaging, the way it looks, overspray, the bronzer.
  • The powder is soft and easily blendable.
  • Not overpowering. Yet noticeable.
  • Adds sun kissed look to your skin.
  • Has golden sheen in it which suppose to highlight and gives gorgeous glow to skin.
  • It’s not too orange neither brown.. Perfect shade for my skin tone. NC37. One must understand how to pick bronzer according to skin tone. This is just perfect for contouring and adding glow at the same time.
  • It’s medium to buildable and hence one can apply depending on intensity they want.
  • Mixed of brown and golden overspray bronzer which can be used in days as well as nights. Perfect for night outs!
  • Superb staying power.


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What I don’t like about MAC RIHANNA Holiday collection- RIRI Bronzing Powder:

  • I don’t think I have any cons only the fact that I wish the overspray could go all way through the product.

Rating: 5/5.

Verdict: Do I need to say any?? I guess you are already tempted by now, aren’t you?? I don’t know if you can still find this but if you can run and grab it soon.. I am in love with this product now.. So happy I picked it up 😀

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