MAC Pro long wear Waterproof Brow Set Review

MAC Pro long wear Waterproof Brow Set Review

I remember how mad I was when I saw that MAC has launched a new collection exclusively for Brows. Untill now every collection includes-lipsticks, eye shadows, lip glasses, lip liners, eye liners but nothing for eyebrows. I am glad that MAC decided to launch something exclusively related to brows.

MAC Pro long wear Waterproof Brow Set Review

What MAC says: A brush-on gel that grooms and defines brows into shape, naturally shading to create subtle or dramatic looks. The non-greasy formula sets hairs softly, providing a healthy-looking sheen in six new hues to match any hair colour, from deep ebony to shimmering soft gold-brown.

Price: 1350 INR (obviously with prized raised)

Volume: 5 g / .17 US fl oz

MAC prolongwear set review
MAC prolongwear set review

Eyebrows are often neglected when it comes to makeups. Many of us forget to set those unruly and curvy eye brows. A proper eyebrow arc can change whole look. Most of us are not blessed with thick and fuller eyebrows, neither I L .However after watching several YouTube videos on how to get a perfect eyebrows, I managed to learn few tricks to make my brows look fuller and healthy. I am surprised to see how beautifully it can enhance overall looks within a second by lifting up your feature. Not only practice makes once perfect but proper equipment and products are also very important. Every makeup artists and youtubers swears by Anastasia Bewerlyhills brow collections products and that’s how I got introduced to this brand. Our bad luck that availability is big concern here… Never mind #hastag MAC already made its way to us with MAC Brow Set Waterproof Collection.

MAC prolongwear set review
MAC prolongwear set review

The collection has Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set, Fluidline Brow Gel creme and angled liner brush no: 208.

I was very excited to try Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set which comes with 6 different shades. Shade Available: Clear,  Emphatically Blonde, Toasted Blonde, Red Chestnut, Quiet Brunette, Bold Brunette, Brown Ebony. I first tried Quite Brunette but it was looking warmer on me where as Bold Brunette is more natural and suits best with my hair colour. The Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set has tiny wand “brush-on gel” that grooms and defines brows into shape. As name suggest “Pro long wear” gives water-proof formulas i.e smudge free, sweat proof, water resistants. The Tiny little wand is perfect to groom and define every single eyebrow hair. Stay put whole day unless I remove it with makeup remover. Therefore I will give 5/5 on staying power. Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set is my must have product now. With every single stroke it defines, shape and makes brow fuller. The consistency of the brow set is gel type. Not very liquidy or gloopy. Dries and set super fast once applied on brow. The only point to keep it in mind, wipe off excess product from wand before applying or else you will end up using it way too much.

MAC prolongwear set review
MAC prolongwear set review

I apply it in 2 different ways:

  • Apply directly with stroking upward and then brush my brows and let it set.
  • Fill your brows with some matte brown eye shadows and then top it on Pro Long wear Waterproof Brow Set. It holds every single brow hair for longer time and keeps it in proper shape.


MAC prolongwear set review
MAC prolongwear set review

What I like about Pro Long wear Waterproof Brow Set:

  • Finally got something which deserves same love and affections as my lipsticks.
  • It is on my absolute love list now. I kind of use it almost every time I step out.
  • Total 6 shades and one clear gel to choose from. Therefore, there is something for everyone.
  • Makes brow fuller, gives definition and keep them in shape.
  • The tiny wand is quite appropriate in picking up moderate amount needed to fill in.
  • The gel adds an extra tint to brows making them look thicker and healthier.
  • Dries and set fast once applied. Therefore no mess at all.
  • Long wearing. Smudge free, water resistant’s formula.
  • Last whole day on me i.e. I tested for at least 10 hours max.
  • Didn’t cause any irritation.
  • Very nice alternative of Anastasia brow gel set.
  • Gives natural soft looking brows without making it overly striking.
  • It’s permanent now. Yaaaayyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What I don’t like about Pro Long wear Waterproof Brow Set:

  • I love everything about it. 😀


Rating: 5/5

Yes, definitely recommend to buy it!! Not try guys go and buy..Do I need to say it again.?? I know you guys are already convinced. Run and grab one soon you can before it get oos. I bet you will love it. I have not used Anastasia brow products yet but MAC is giving a nice competition. I am really happy with my purchase. Glad I picked it up!

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