MAC Prep+Prime Lip Base Review

MAC Prep+Prime Lip Base Review

I never knew I would need a lip primer. Pregnancy brings its own share of pros and cons and one of the cons was my cracked and chapped lips, also lip darkening. I thought it was because of over usage of lipsticks and chucked them all. A friendly MUA at MAC handed me this tube that looks like a chapstick and said try and see if it helps. Desperate as I was to bring back my lips to its original state, I bought it though I did find it too expensive for a lip balm.

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MAC Prep+Prime Lip Base Review

Price: Rs. 980 for 1.7 grams and if used everyday, I would end up finishing it in a month.:(

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MAC Prep+Prime Lip Base Review

The packaging is very convenient and classy. The whole Prep + Prime range packaging is high class. It comes in a twist up tube form and the actual product that you get is less.:(

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MAC Prep+Prime Lip Base Review

The product looks white but it is actually colorless when applied on lips. It does not contain any oil or butter unlike regular lip balms. The texture is very light and makes the lips instantly soft and ready for lipstick application. I was advice to wait for few seconds before applying a gloss or lipstick. This primer is best when you need to wear a matte lipstick as it creates a perfect base with no lines or cracks.

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MAC Prep+Prime Lip Base Review

It helps make the lipstick stay longer to an extent. I would not say it’s a must have unless you have lip pigmentation or dryness issues. It would get finished off very soon , however you can use them for Back To MAC.

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MAC Prep+Prime Lip Base Review


1. Creates a neat base for lipstick application

2. Non sticky, non-oily

3. Keeps lips soft

4. Travel friendly

5. Increases staying power of lipsticks to an extent

6. Prevents further lip pigmentation but cannot treat it completely

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MAC Prep+Prime Lip Base Review


1. Expensive

2. Very less quantity

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MAC Prep+Prime Lip Base Review

Rating: 3.5/5

Final Words: A good base if you use lipsticks everyday, not a must-have though.

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