MAC Matte Collection Lipstick La Vie en Rouge Lipstick Review

MAC Matte Collection Lipstick La Vie en Rouge Lipstick Review

Bonjour everyone, I have a special connection with French language in my life which very few people knows. I did a 6 months course in French language which no wonder is the toughest language in the world according to me. I tried hard to concentrate in the class but end up confusing myself even more. Anyways keeping my not so popular story aside, when MAC launched Matte Collection 2014 in USA, there are few shades that caught my eyes- La Vie En Rouge is one of them. This little guy gave strong competition to MAC Damn Glamorous, another shade from this collection. Mr. La Vie En Rouge is the winner-yaaayyyy!!

MAC Matte Collection Lipstick La Vie en Rouge Lipstick Review


MAC The Matte Lip Collection Lipstick
MAC The Matte Lip Collection Lipstick

What Company Claims: The Matte Lip is here to stay. Create a standout look with the fashion-forward new shades of our iconic matte lipstick. Vibrant hues like fuchsia Velvet Violet and La Vie En Rouge are a bold contrast to the rich burgundy of Fashion Revival and nude of Styled in Sepia. For the best in colour intensity, Pro Long wear Lip Pencils in super-saturated shades to make a modern statement. Go for the cool rouge of Trust in Red or boost it up with new Bespoken For, a dark, creamy plum. For a polished finish, accent with the soft, pinky hues of Pro Long wear Blush – long-lasting colour that’s purely fabulous.


MAC Matte La Vie En Rouge
MAC Matte La Vie En Rouge

Price: 1450 INR for 3g – Thank god they did not hike the price.

MAC describes La Vie En Rouge as “bright orange coral” in matte finish. As said, it is definitely true to shade, very bright and vibrant coral orange with slight touch of pink in it. The warm undertone and matte finish gives a perfect combo to pull the shade by any skin tones. It reminds me of MAC Matte lipstick- relentlessly red but less pink in it. It got appropriate shade name” La Vie En Rouge which means life in Rouge”- in simple note it is very lively shade, once applied the shade brings out the liveliness of the face. It doesn’t take too much, you can pad lightly on your lips and “kill the dill”.

MAC Matte La Vie En Rouge
MAC Matte La Vie En Rouge

The texture of this lipstick is creamy, smooth and easy to apply however I personally feel it is little drying after 1 hour of application, may be because of the weather change. Dry weather and Matte lipstick can be very harsh on lips. I noticed it does cling on dry lines after couple of hours. Prepping is very important, do not forget or you may have to deal with dry uncomfortable flaky lips at the end. The most excitement part is the pigmentation. It is intensely rich and gives most opaque colour coverage in single pass. Stays on more than 7 hours plus with heavy meal but intensity fades away slightly.


MAC Matte La Vie En Rouge
MAC Matte La Vie En Rouge

What I like about MAC La Vie en Rouge Lipstick:

  • Bright shades are always my favorite.
  • Summer appropriate.
  • Limited edition.
  • Creamy, smooth texture. Easy application.
  • Light formula, very comfortable on lips for first few hours.
  • Highly pigmented, rich colour coverage and opaque finish.
  • Last more than 7-8 hours with slight fading.
  • Can be re-created if you add little orange mixed with relentlessly red lipstick.
  • MAC signature scent- Vanilla. Very soothing, I am addicted to it.
  • Thanks MAC for not increasing Price Tag-although its Limited Edition.


MAC Matte La Vie En Rouge
MAC Matte La Vie En Rouge

What I don’t like about MAC La Vie en Rouge Lipstick:

  • Slightly drier on lips after few hours.
  • May cling to dry lines, so scrubbing and moisturizing is very important.


MAC Matte La Vie En Rouge
MAC Matte La Vie En Rouge

Rating: 4.8/5

I am currently in love with this shade as it is summer appropriate, very bright and vibrant which can grab anyone’s unwanted attention but no matter what I am going to wear it during winters as well. Grab your soon before it get OOS. Keep waiting and loving for more reviews.

Thank you! <3

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  1. Avni Reply

    Your reviews are really helpful and you do a wonderful job!
    I just have one doubt,in the very last picture (the lipstick applied on your lips) ,is that how it actually looks?
    Because if you search pictures of La Vie En Rouge on the internet , all of them come out to be very orange-y and yours looks quite pinkish.
    It would be very helpful if you could reply
    Thanks :)

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