MAC Fix Plus Spray Review

MAC Fix Plus Spray Review

I have been using the MAC Fix Plus Spray for over a year and found that it brings amazing results to the overall makeup look. How? Here we go.

MAC Fix Plus Spray Review

fixing spray india
MAC Fix plus spray

Price:  Approx Rs. 1500

Available : At MAC stores

MAC Prep and prime fixing spray
MAC Fixing spray

How To Use:

1. Can be sprayed on the face before applying makeup, just to hydrate the skin. This makes the foundation blend easily

2. Can be sprayed onto the brush and then used for makeup ( face, eyes)

3. Can be used as a mixing medium for pigments, gel liners etc.

4. Can be used as a setting spray after the makeup is done. Makes makeup stay a bit longer

5. Can be used to tone down the heavy look on the face if powder application is gone overboard. This reduces the cakey look.

fixing spray makeup indian skin
Fix plus India


It comes in an easy spray bottle with a lock and is also travel friendly. I usually carry it in my bag during hot conditions while travelling. It instantly freshens up the skin.

Rating: 4.5/5

Overall thoughts:

MAC Fix Plus Spray is definitely a must have if you travel alot especially in humid weather. It has some unique ingredients that act as a multipurpose product. It hydrates, freshens the skin and also helps while applying makeup. Though as a makeup fixing spray, I am not too convinced. Pricey for a mist.



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