MAC 217 Blending Brush Review

MAC 217 Blending Brush Review

Makeup brushes play a vital role in the end result so I choose my brushes very carefully. I do not buy any product blindly by reading any review. One of my friends who is a MUA at MAC highly recommended it and I did try using it myself for 3-4 times and then finally gave in.

Rs. 1750. I bought it for Rs. 1100 2 years back.

I always apply a coat of clear nail polish to prevent the number from getting rubbed off.

The bristles are made of goat hair.They are extremely soft and fluffy. I wish the bristles were black in color as it is a pain to clean them. I must tell you, the MAC Brush Cleanser is a blessing.

My Experience:

This is a multi-purpose brush according to me. I use it for blending eye shadows, to apply liquid concealer, apply powder under the eye area as well as on the lids.

I personally do not prefer this to apply eyesshadow directly on the lids as it is quite fluffy and may create a mess if you are a beginner. I found this a bit large for my eyelids.So If you are looking for just one eyemakeup brush from MAC,I would highly recommend the 239 flat shader brush. However,this makes an excellent blending brush.
I have this with me for than 2 years now and it has never shed a single bristle.

My rating: 5/5 as  a blending brush.
Final words: 217 blends the eyeshadow quickly and efficiently. It makes eye makeup easier and I would say it is a must have blending brush from MAC.

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  1. Neeraj Navare Reply

    lovely review…luckily I also got it for 1100…two of the brushes so I am done…this is one of the staples in my tutorials and is fantastic…although it has hair that go unruly and weird..Applies products like dream and no one could ever make a brush as good as this…

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