M.A.C Primped Out Holiday Essential Perfectly Plush Brush Kit Review, Photos

M.A.C Primped Out Holiday Essential Perfectly Plush Brush Kit Review, Photos

M.A.C launched this collection a month back and I happened to pick this cute brush set which is perfect for those who travel frequently. There were 3 brush sets in this collection. One in pink, one being a mineralized brush set and this mint green one. This is a limited edition brush set.

This is my first travel brush set. I have been using the full sized ones earlier. There are 5 brushes in this set. The handles are short but surprisingly, they have a good grip and are easy to use. The “SE” tag is there for all these small sized brushes beside the brush number. M.A.C always numbers their brushes.

As you can see from the above picture, this set is complete with 5 essential brushes. They are
1. 129SE Powder/Blush Brush – It is a powder/blush brush. The bristles are tightly packed. It is not as fluffy as the full sized one but is great for powder blushes and powder application as well. The bristles are not very soft but definitely not scratchy.
2. 190SE Foundation Brush – This is the best brush in the kit. It is the softest and is very stiff. It applies liquid/cream foundation very well. Gives a neat, non-streaky effect. It can be used for concealing under the eyes as well.
3. 226SE Small Tapered Blending Brush – I use the full size M.A.C 217 for blending but this one is my current favourite. It can be used for crease work as well. Perfect!
4. 275SE Medium Angled Shading Brush – This is a multi-purpose brush. Great for applying as well as blending eyeshadows. One can do a whole eye makeup with this.
5. 266SE Small Angle Brush – This is my first angled brush. I came to know how easy eye liner application is after using this brush. It can be used for applying color to the brows as well.

The above 5 brushes make the kit complete and perfect for on the go. They are priced at Rs.4100 which is quite pricey I agree. But I am very satisfied with this entire kit and do not regret shelling out so much. Makeup brushes are a life time investment. I washed the brushes after purchasing them and then started using it the next day. The MUA at M.A.C adviced me to do so and it definitely works. Since these travel brushes are machine made, a few extra loose bristles would be caught inside and during the first wash, they all come out and then the kit is ready to be used.

The 5 brushes are neatly packed in this cute leopard print pouch. It has a more space so one can even carry kohl, a compact in it.

The brushes have not shed and if properly maintained, would definitely last long.

Final Words: You get 5 M.A.C brushes for Rs.4100 along with a cute pouch which is quite a good deal. Pick it up if you travel frequently and if you require a complete essential kit. It is worth every penny.

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