Lotus Herbals Maxlid Botanical Eyeshadow Rose Beach 537 Review

Article By Chandrana

Claims about Lotus Herbals Maxlid Botanical Eyeshadow:
Velvety smooth formula that blends effortlessly, with no signs of streaking, fading or creasing.  Its dawn-to-dusk lasting capacity helps protect eyes with botanical extracts of rose petals, aloe vera and chamomile.
Price: Rs.349.
My experience with Lotus Herbals Maxlid Botanical Eyeshadow:
Confessing the secret about the purchase of Lotus Herbals Maxlid Botanical Eyeshadow, I bought it for its attractive compact case package. ;). Such a vibrant hue of red the case has, very attractive and tempting. This product was one of my first few eye shadows I bought.

The compact case has three colors packed one below the other, a section for placing two brushes (one double sided sponge applicator and another bristled brush.) The colors have a transparent thin cover. The case has a mirror on top. Hmm…lots of packaging details.

Quality wise, I must say not really great for the price it is charged. The texture is very powdery. The pink color seems a better. But the pigmentation is so low that it is as good as applying nothing. The gold shimmers look nice in color. But it just does not stay in its place for. After an hour of doing my eye make up, I find the gold shimmers dropped on my cheeks and eventually my whole face is shiny with shimmers. The highlighter is ok on the brow bone. I find myself using this highlighter very frequently. On the whole, there is too much of fallout.
If not for the quality, the trio combination would have made a very good look on the eyes.
I do not suggest this to anyone. If you are eager to find out how it would work for you, then go ahead.

Pros of Lotus Herbals Maxlid Botanical Eyeshadow:
  • Attractive compact case packaging
  • 2 applicators provided. (usually only sponge applicator is provided or nothing is provided)
  • Good color combination trio.
  • Good product for bigenners.
Cons of Lotus Herbals Maxlid Botanical Eyeshadow:
  • Too much of color fallout
  • Not very pigmented colors
  • Expensive for the quality of the product.
  • Lotus color cosmetics are not easily available.

Rating: 3/5
Recommendations: No. For Rs.349 you will find very good products. Search for your right product.

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