L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Absolut Repair Serum Review

What the brand says:
Restore your damaged, split ends with L’Oréal Professionnel série expert Absolut Repair Serum. This intense treatment serum will leave your hair looking and feeling healthier with a silky and superlight touch.
This deep-penetrating Repair Serum from the advanced L’Oréal Professionnel série expert Absolut Repair range is designed to deeply condition your very damaged hair. Formulated with concentrated polymers it will smooth your hair cuticles and not only repair split ends but also help prevent them too.

Directions of use:

  • Pump a pea size drop into your palms.
  • Rub the serum between your palms and then run through your damp or dry hair.
  • Apply from half way down the hair shaft to the end to allow for the serum to concentrate on the damaged ends and to prevent excess oils and grease to form at the scalp.
  • For best results, use with the Absolut Repair range.


First-aid for split ends. This intensive serum is infused with Unifibrine, a smart complex of smoothing polymers. When applied, it’s instantly attracted to more damaged areas, where it helps to smooth and unify the hair’s surface. 

Tips: The quantity of serum needed is dependent on how much hair you have and how thick it is. Start with a small amount and add more as needed.
Price: Rs.580
Packaging: It is a transparent glass bottle with pump packaging. The pump is protected with a plastic cap so it is not really difficult to carry around. I have traveled with it but to be on the safer side, I always put a tape.
The product is expensive and I cannot afford to waste it.
My Experience: To give you a little understanding about my hair, I have thick, dry hair that always craves for some moisture. No matter how much I oil it, my hair soaks it all up in 2 days and becomes dry again. Hence I am always on the look out for haircare products to keep the locks moisturized and healthy. This product is meant for those with split ends. Split ends are nothing but the dry ends of the hair shaft that split into two. This can be caused due to excessive heat, blow drying, not oiling the hair, not using conditioners, no enough water intake etc. I use this serum on wet hair, after washing it. I use it mainly on the ends. Just few drops is sufficient else it will make the hair greasy. This serum works well to make the hair soft and shiny. It does prevent split ends but not does not cure them. The hair needs to be checked for split ends every 30 days and cut them. If not, they may retard proper hair growth. This serum looks like an oil, but is not really oily. It has a mild floral fragrance that I simply love. Along with the serum, I make sure I drink lots of water, condition my hair after shampooing and I always let my hair dry naturally rather than using hair dryers unnecessarily.

Final Words: This is meant only for dry, thick hair, Those with thin, fine hair will find it a bit greasy. It helps prevent split ends and keeps the hair soft and shiny. I have repurchased it 2-3 times and totally loving it. I have another hair serum review for you all soon.

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