LipIce Sheer Color review

LipIce Sheer Color review

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Hi everyone…I’m going to review one of my favourite lip products, LipIce Sheer Color in Natural.

Here’s what their website says:

With LipIce Sheer Color Natural, you can now protect your lips while making them look beautiful. LipIce Sheer Color Natural is a lip balm that mysteriously turns from white to pink, on application. LipIce Sheer Color Natural comes with:
Natural Beeswax that nourishes and replenishes your lips
Natural Olive Oil that softens and keeps your lips moisturized
Vitamin A, C and E with deep moisture that keep the lips soft, supple and fresh

LipIce Sheer Color is basically a white, fragrance-free lip balm which goes on clear and changes to pink in a few seconds. It is priced at Rs.190 and the quantity is 2 grams.

The packaging:

It is cute and girly – a pink case and a silver cap with pink floral designs…I find it very pretty. The full list of ingredients was mentioned on the outer cardboard packaging.

The intensity of the pink colour depends on the natural pigmentation of your lips and also the amount which you apply. You can see how the colour intensifies as we add more swipes (from left to right, one swipe, three swipes and seven swipes, with flash and without). The colour looks very sheer in my swatches as the skin on my wrist is quite light-toned; the pink shows up much better on the lips. I love the idea of a personalised lip colour! Especially for medium to dusky girls who have trouble carrying off pink lip colours, this one is perfect. And it’s suitable for all skin tones. I tried it once on my mom who is a few shades fairer than me and it looked nice on her too. It can also be used as a base for other lipsticks (but it will change the colour of the lipstick slightly).

Another thing I like about it is that it’s long-lasting. In a short while of applying it, it kind of loses its glossiness and doesn’t budge from your lips after that. It gives a kind of natural-looking effect, like you aren’t wearing anything on your lips, and feels like that too! I apply two swipes of this in the morning before I leave for college, and I can still see a pinkish tint (though slightly faded) on my lips when I come back home more than 8 hours later, and that too with water, a meal and a light snack and no touch-ups in between! So in that way, it works almost like a stain. I use baby oil to remove it.

Not much can be said for it as a lip balm though. Even though it is marketed as a ‘lip conditioner’, it does not really soften or condition the lips. It doesn’t exactly dry them out either, but dry and chapped lips might feel a bit uncomfortable with it. It also highlights dry flakes and other imperfections on the lips, so I make sure to apply a good lip balm the night before, and then rub my lips gently with a towel before I put it on.

My Rating:

I would rate it 5 on 5 (yes, I love it that much!). Though the lack of moisturising action is a con, the lovely colour and the lightweight, long-wearing formula make up for it for me. I will definitely repurchase this…maybe I’ll get the strawberry variant (there is another sparkle variant too). I highly recommend this product.

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