Lakme Cean Up Face Mask Review

By Nids

Product Description: Give your face a salon makeover with Lakmé Clean Up Face Mask specially designed to soothe your skin post regular cleansing. While the nourishing nutrients restore your natural glow, the clay works towards removing excess oil. This face mask is your ultimate solution to a healthy, glowing skin.
Price: 99/- for 50g & 199/- for 100g.

My views on the face mask:
I easily get bored with my skin care routine and Lakme tempting me with these newly launched cute looking tubes for a clean-up; I instantly picked up the scrub and the mask from this range (well, I still have a lot of face wash/cleansers to finish so didn’t pick up the face wash ). I have used them for quite some time now and so here’s the review of the mask for you all.

Texture: The mask is of baby pink color with mild lovely fruity aroma, strawberries particularly. The texture is soft and it spreads quite easily on a little damp face. The mask dries up within 5-10 minutes depending upon how thickly/thinly it is applied. Washing it off is again an easy task.

Effect: As it is actually a clay mask so it instantly absorbs all the oil and debris from the skin making it soft and smooth. It even does impart a nice glow to the face but that is quite short-lived. The best part is the aroma, almost all of you would love the smell of the mask but again that would fade away quickly once the mask is washed off.
The mask does harden up when it dries but it won’t give an uneasy stretchy feel to your skin. Once washed off, you would be left with quite soft/supple skin that appears calmer and cleaner yet not lacking the moisturisation.
Overall, it is a good product in a travel friendly packaging and at a less price that would cater to the general needs of many out there.


  1. Cute and attractive red tube packaging.
  2. Mild yet lovely aroma
  3. Soft texture of the mask that spreads quite easily.
  4. Dries up quickly
  5. Washing it off is again easy.
  6. Leaves the skin supple and soft.
  7. Adds a short-lived glow.
  8. Does not irritate the skin on or after application/removal.
  9. Cheap and easily available.
  10. I don’t have much open pores but yeah, it did tighten the pores around the nose.


  1. The said glow and the pleasant aroma are both quite short-lived.
  2. You need comparatively more of the mask (than the scrub or face wash from the same range) so this would be the first thing to finish off in your clean-up kit.
  3. Contains a lot of chemicals too. (check the ingredients list)

Ratings: 4.25/5
Recommendations: There is nothing too impressive about the face mask but still it delivers what it is intended to do. I like the aroma and the travel friendly small pack which is easy to carry around. It can be a decent option for those who have to face the outside weather (pollution) a lot as it is an easy, readymade and non-messy way to quickly do away with the dust and impurities and also tightens the skin. I may repurchase it for  myself

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