Kryolan Powder Blush SM Review, Photos

Kryolan Powder Blush SM Review, Photos

Most of you must be knowing about my blush craving these days, thanks to my blush lover friends like Deepika, Zara, Rashmi and many more.

This is my second blush from Kryolan. I have already reviewed the shade Lake here.

This shade is named as SM. It is a very pretty red shade that can be worn by all skintones.

It comes neatly packed in a cardboard box. It does not have an inbuilt mirror and no brush is provided.

It is priced at Rs.350 for 2.5 grams so please do not expect more. It has a  transparent  lid on top that safely locks the product and helps to find out the shade as well.

The shade name is specified at the back of the packaging.


It is a complete matte shade so matte lovers will definitely prefer this. This is my first red coloured blush. One has to be very very careful while picking it up in the brush as it is highly pigmented and stains as well.

The main issue with this blush is the staining part. If you are new to blushes, then you will have a tough time trying to blend it as it blends unevenly. The shade is definitely drool worthy but Iam not so good in blending such blushes so Iam disappointed. I think most of the red blushes like NYX Red and MAC Frankleyt scarlet also have the same issue. So no more red blushes for me..boohooo.:(

Here are some more pictures to show you the actual shade

Is it not really a pretty shade?


1.Lovely shade
2.Excellent pigmentation
3.Neat packaging


2.Stains badly
3.Blends unevenly

My Rating: 3/5

Final words: If you want to try a red blush and do not wish to spend much, then go ahead and get. Just make sure you take a very little amount and blend well.

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