Kryolan Ikonic Gel Liner Pencil Olive Shimmer Review

So here’s the second from the set of 12 Ikonic gel liner pencils that I own. After swatching all the 12, I was wondering why they don’t have a pretty green like Faces Forest Green or Colorbar Jaded. Then I found a unique henna ( mehendi) green shade called Olive Shimmer.

Price: Rs. 200-250 depending on where you buy it from.
This looks subtle when worn during the day time and really pretty at night. The true color actually shows up in the night.

It is creamy in texture, moderately pigmented and glides smoothly. The shimmer is not gritty. Since the shade is not really bright, it takes some time for you to actually notice the proper green that you would like to see on the lids. It does look a bit dull during the day but when during the nights, it definitely shows up and looks pretty.

It is quite a unique shade, so you may give a try if you love experimenting with colors.

I like to wear it for the evening/night parties.

The staying power is similar to Black Spark. I wore it for 6 hours and it did not fade.

Rating: 4/5 ( Not really one of my favorite shades. I am more into bright colors)
Final Words: Olive Shimmer is a pretty henna green with tiny golden glitter. It looks pretty when worn during the nights. You can give a try if you love experimenting with different colors.

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