Kryolan Ikonic Gel Eyeliner Pencil in Black and Purple Review

By Erica
Ikonic gel eyeliner pencil is now in the air or precisely in “blogosphere”.  Too be very honest I have been using this pencil before Kryolan took over this. Ideally, it is not manufactured by Kryolan. But manufactured by a German company called “Schwan Cosmetics.” So now you have a reason to smile. Because it is imported, long lasting and my HG pencil which I am using from past 6 months. And just when I thought I’ ll review it first. Damn!!! Kryolan took over it and few bloggers have already discovered this beauty n reviewed it. 

Here is my Short story on How I discovered the Ikonic Gel Eyeliner Pencil. My HG pencil WAS Faces Solid wear Long black pencil. I used it day in and day out, so my pencil got over and I went to a nearby cosmetic shop in my area to buy this one. They did not have Faces pencil in black. The sales guy told me that ‘Madam, I have got something better and long lasting if you want to see.’ I was sure that he is just using his sales techniques to sell some random kohl to me. But then I said I am not losing anything, I will just refuse it if I don’t like it.  He swatched the Ikonic gel eyeliner pencil on my hand and he said Mam wait for 1 min and then rub it. In the meanwhile was checking out the lip balms kept in a box. After 1 min, I rubbed my hand rigorously but the kajal/kohl/eyeliner did not smudge at all. And for the price it was the blackest black eye pencil/kohl I have ever seen. He told me there are more shades in this, but I stopped and thought lets first go home and try this for some days and then try others. I wore this for one whole day and night and it did not smudge or vanish. I was simply TAKEN from this gel eyeliner pencil and Immediately rushed the second day to get a back up of black and I took a purple shade. I decided that I will get one color each month. Purple was for the 1st month 😉

Price – I got this for Rs. 250 from a non Kryolan Shop that too 6 months back.. But in Kryolan shop the black one cost Rs.200 and the other shades are for Rs. 180. Isn’t that an excellent price for a HG Kohl/eyeliner J
My Experience with Kryolan Gel Eyeliner Pencil Black and Purple
They are the best pencils that I have used till date. The texture of both the pencils is creamy, sheen and soft. The purple radiates a sleek and shiny effect when applied. While the black is the most jet black shade you will ever see in the market. Pitch black it is. The pencil glides easily and stays on my lids forever whereas on my waterline it last for 5-6 hrs after which I need to re-apply it but that is ok. 

It doesn’t smudge even a little, once applied. It makes a great eyeliner, long-lasting, waterproof and smudge proof. Oh water proof, I can’t tell you how waterproof it is. It did not go from my hand till rubbed with the scrubber while I was taking shower. You have to use an oil based make up remover to remove this eyeliner/kohl. One thing which pinches me is since this is creamy, we need to sharpen this pencils quite often. Due to which it tends to get over quickly. But nevertheless, they are damn affordable and easy on pocket. So make sure you go and buy 2 of the black. Coz I have done the same thing 😛 I have 2 of the black and 1 purple. Overall, it is great eyeliner cum kohl. It has managed to replace my HG Faces pencil and now this is my # 1.

(Sorry about the extra hair near my brows, my hair growth is pretty fast and I am waiting to trim them when they are fully grown. :-P)
  • Affordable
  • Doesn’t smudge
  • Water proof
  • Creamy and soft sheen texture
  • Glides easily without tugging or pulling
  • Stays forever on the eyelids
  • Stays for 5-6hrs on waterline
  • Blackest Black
  • Manufactured by a German company
  • No allergy experienced
  • Since its creamy, you need to sharpen it more
  • Hmmm….Available only in flagship store of Kryolan and if you live in Mumbai you can get it in your nearby Beauty store (but that’s rare)
Recommendation- I swear by this pencil and I have already stock them. I highly highly highlyyyyyyy RECOMMEND this to you. You will love me for this..go and grab it on first sight. N now I can’t convince you more. I think my picture is enough to convey that 😛

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Preetha is an engineer turned beauty blogger from India. She loves trying out new beauty products and makeup looks. She is a mother of a one year old baby girl and loves photography, cooking and makeup of course.

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