Kryolan Cleansing Cream Review

Kryolan Cleansing Cream Review

As much as I love doing makeup, I also like to keep my skin squeaky clean by the end of the day. I always hunt for good quality effective makeup removers and bumped across the Kryolan Cleansing Cream one day. I have been using it for the last 6 months and here is my review.

Kryolan Cleansing Cream Review

A classical make-up remover cream with an hydrophilic additive, suitable for all cream make-up products. KRYOLAN Cleansing Cream is evenly applied in circular motion to make-up area. The make-up then gently dissolves from the skin. Make-up and make-up remover can then be rinsed off with warm water. After removal, the skin feels relaxed and fresh.

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Kryolan Cleansing Cream Review

Price: Rs. 450

How To Use:

It has a balm like texture so I take a little and apply all over my face and massage for a few seconds. I can see the makeup melting and coming down. It can effectively remove long staying products like Kryolan Dermacolor as well. Then make sure, you wash your face with a regular face wash as this balm tends to leave the skin a bit oily. I have sensitive skin and this did not cause me any allergies. If used the right way, even Oily skinned beauties shouldn’t have a problem with this.

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Kryolan Cleansing Cream Review


1. Effectively removes all traces of stubborn makeup

2. Affordable


1. Availability is an issue

2. Not travel friendly

3. Can make your skin oily if not used properly

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Kryolan makeup remover

Overall Thoughts:

Kryolan Cleansing Cream is a fantastic makeup remover that can be used all over face. It removes long lasting makeup like foundation, kajal, waterproof mascara as well. Great value for money.

Rating: 4.5/5

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Preetha is an engineer turned beauty blogger from India. She loves trying out new beauty products and makeup looks. She is a mother of a one year old baby girl and loves photography, cooking and makeup of course.

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    the huge cosmetics-candy Kryolan City Store in Chicago a few mohnts ago (read about our visit here).a0 While I was there, I picked up some things (of course!!) and I loved everything I got.a0 Two in

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