Just Herbs Pedisoft Calendula-Peppermint Crack Cure Foot Cream Review

By Erica

I went for this lonavala trip some days back and it happened to be One of the best day in the year 2012. And it has got nothing to do with this review …lol… Sorry about that! I didn’t know how to start the review and yes I am still in my lonavala trip nausea. 30th November had made me nostalgic. Have u ever been to Lonavala? Hehhe… let me know. So coming to the point, today I am reviewing on Just Herbs Pedisoft Crack Cure Foot cream. Its time to save our face,hands,legs,body,feet etc. Why?? Are u kidding me? Don’t u know winters are here. Go run for your safety.  I wear a lot of open footwear or slippers if I want to go anywhere locally. I enjoy wearing colourful flip-flops but that has caused a major damage to my feet. I remember during my school days my feet used to be so soft and clear. But now I have crack, hard and rough feet.  And during winters it becomes worst. So I picked Just herbs Pedisoft Calendula-Peppermint Crack Cure foot cream. They have a great range of skincare products which usually works for me. I love the aloe vera gel by Just herbs. I think its one of the best product they made. But I can’t say the same thing for this Foot Cream.

Price – Rs. 295 , you can avail this at discounted price from many online shopping websites.
Product Description –
A specially formulated cream to soothe and heal your frazzled feet.
Just Herbs Pedisoft Crack Cure Foot Cream is enriched with Indian Frankincense, Sal tree, White Emetic, Fenugreek and Indian Barberry. While Emetic Nut helps healing the cracks, Sal tree softens the skin. Indian frankincense and fenugreek recondition the rough and chapped skin for those petal soft feet.

Calendula-Peppermint , Nutmeg, Indian Frankincense, Zincum, Fenugreek, liquorice.
Hypo-allergenic. 100% natural herbal actives. Free from animal by-products. No animal testing.

My Experience –

Well I got this Foot care cream with a lot of hope. As I believe and still believe that Just herbs has a great range of skincare products. However, this came as an unpleasant surprise to me. I don’t really have anything much to say about this one. All I can say is this didn’t work for me anyway. I tried really hard to see some positivity but Alas! No success. It just gave a temporary softening effect to my feet when I used to apply it in the night but again next day when I used to come back home and check my feet. It used to be rough again. Also, I feel 295Rs is too expensive for a product which hardly does anything to your feet. The texture of the cream is thick and ghee like. I find it a little unhygienic to remove the cream with my fingers from the tub. You can pass this product and keep looking for something better at a lesser price.


  • Makes feet soft temporarily
  • Free from Animal testing
  • 100% natural herbs

Cons –

  • Thick cream like ghee
  • Tub packaging feels unhygienic
  • Doesn’t heel cracked heels

Recommendation – No, I will not recommend this to anyone. You can pass it anytime.

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Preetha is an engineer turned beauty blogger from India. She loves trying out new beauty products and makeup looks. She is a mother of a one year old baby girl and loves photography, cooking and makeup of course.

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