Inglot Under Makeup Base Review

Inglot Under Makeup Base Review

About the product:
Silky and smooth feel gel which is made by dispersing oil swell able sponge-like spheres in a mixture of silicones. Sponge-like spheres absorb the excess facial oil as much as available to reach a saturation equilibrium. Sponge-like spheres create a very strong mattifying effect by scattering the incoming rays of light in all directions and diminish the reflected light.

How to use:
Apply and wait for 2-3 minutes before applying foundation or powder.
What I liked:
Quantity: 30ml.

I have always wanted a makeup base as I have oily skin and open pores. Inglot Under makeup base is god send for me.

Even if used everyday,this will last me one whole year.Just a pea sized amount will suffice.
I simply love the packaging.It comes in a cute transparent plastic tube with a cap. It can easily slip into your handbag.



I read that silicone is not good for sensitive skin but believe me I have very sensitive skin and this has not caused any irritation or breakouts till now. Iam impressed.

Price: Rs.900

What the product claims:

1.Makes skin matte
3.Improves makeup application
4.Absorbs sebum

1.Light consistency
2.No odour
3.Non sticky
4.Travel friendly packaging
5.Keeps the skin matte for more than 4 hours
6.Makes foundation application smoother
7.Did not cause any irritation or breakouts
8.Easily available at Inglot stores or also available online

1. Contains Silicones
2. Expensive
My experience:
I recently discovered this beauty from Inglot and have been hooked to it ever since I bought it. I do not wear much makeup in summers. I apply this,compact and am fresh for the whole day.

However, one may need touchups after half a day. But still ,this does a great job in controlling oil. If you use liquid foundation, this is a fantastic base.It helps the foundation glide smoothly and gives a neat finish.

Rating: 4.5/5

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