Inglot freedom system Blush #36 Review & swatches

Inglot freedom system Blush #36 Review & swatches

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I am excited about reviewing my recent purchase and love in the form of the Inglot blush #36. It is my first blush from this great brand. I already have used and totally adore its eye shadows and lipsticks so thought of trying a blush too.

Price: 350 INR. I got it at 25% off at 263 INR.

Quantity: 6.5 g

Shade 36 is a (slight) blue based medium pink with micro silver sparkles. Although you can see a lot of silver glitters in the pan, still it comes out pretty matte on application. The glitter is super fine and blends in with the blush evenly to leave a kind of nice shine on the face.

I have worn it both in the day and during the night and I really love the natural rosy flush the shade leaves with the little shine. I always wanted such a kind of shade that I can wear just about any time and so I chose the lighter shade 36 from all the Inglot blushes available.
 All the snaps have been taken under different lightings to help you judge the shade better.
Texture of the blush is very soft and actually sort of creamy. I have not seen the blush flying around compared to other normal powder blushes. It blends effortlessly. The shade is nicely pigmented

This blush can be a great choice for girls who are new to this concept as you can never go overboard with it. Even if you apply it with a heavy hand, still it looks quite pretty. One can easily tone down the color (if applied heavily) by applying the compact or loose powder over it.

Pros the Inglot Blush #36:
·        Beautiful medium pink shade with micro silver sparkles.
·        Wearable and flattering shade for many.
·        Freedom system blush pans are more cost effective.
·        Super soft and smooth texture.
·        Blends effortlessly. Even the shimmer blends in leaving a nice sheen on the face.
·        It’s difficult to go overboard with this shade.
Cons of the Inglot Blush #36:
·        Well, I could not find any. 😀
Ratings: 5/5
Final Verdict: If you are a blush lover or someone new to this concept who wants to try in a safe shade then this is one beautiful blush for you.
Now just check this shade on me. I have taken this snap more than an hour later after applying it. Though the picture is not doing full justice to the shade, still you can clearly make out the nice rosy glow on my cheeks.

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