Inglot Eyeshadow D.S. 483 Review, Swatch, EOTD

By Jyo

Hello gals!
This is my first post for IBJ and I thought why not start with the brand that people here are in love with. So here is my review on the Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow in shade “D.S 483”.

Price: 300/- for 1.4 gms
Available at Inglot stores across India and Online.
It is a beautiful indigo with a lot of sparkles.BTW that’s what DS stands for.”Double Sparkle”. Surprisingly the sparkles in this shade don’t show up much on the eyes. It comes out almost matte.Especially on the lids.

Here is a swatch!

Isn’t it a beautiful shade!! Very apt for smokey eyes and you can pair it with any dress and it will gel nicely. It’s a very basic shade. Not too blingy and not too dull.
Now let’s talk about the quality in details
Though most of the inglot e/s are highly pigmented, this particular shade is average in that. It picks up a decent amount but not as per my expection.
Below are the swtches on my hand in different lights.
Left : with a base and right: without a base, so you can see the difference.
Natural Light
Flash light

Can you see the difference???
I find it powdery as well. So a base is must when you are using this shadow.I have an issue with it about the fall out too.
It’s a dark shade and has a lot of fall out. So my suggestion is to wear your eye make up first and then follow up wu=ith your face makeup to avoid deathly blue under eyes. 😐
Lets just summerize the Pros and Cons for you all.
1.       Beautiful wearable shade. This isa basic shade and anyone can use it at any occasion.

2.       Comes out matte even if it has a lot of sparkles in it that are visible only in flash. It may be a con for you but I like it more this way. 😉

3.       Very apt for crease but can also be used as a allover lid shade with dark brown or black as a crease color for a smokey eye look.

4.       Does not crease for around 5 hr but then I have very dry eyelids. Oilies may still need a base.

5.       Not too expensive. 😉

6.       Easy avilability.

1.       Pigmentation is not something to boast about. I have other shades from Inglot with amazing pigmentation.

2.       Texture is not very fine.feels a bit powdery.

3.       This perticular shade has a lot of fall out.

4.       Need a base for sure cause of its light pigmentation and fallout problem.
I mostly use it as a crease color and it looks really nice that way. but you can also use it as a lid color like I have used in the EOTD below. Hope you like it!!

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