Inglot 30T Bent Eyeliner Brush Review

Inglot 30T Bent Eyeliner Brush Review

I am a big fan of cream/gel eyeliners as they are economical compared to the pencils and pen types. The brushes that come free with the gel liners are fine but I wanted one that would help me create a very thin line for daily wear and my search ended at Inglot.

Inglot 30T Bent Eyeliner Brush Review

Inglot 30T Brush
Inglot 30T Brush




synthetic Taklon


Rs. 1000

Inglot 30T Brush
Inglot 30T Brush


It is a bent eyeliner brush with very thin bristles. I can create the thinnest and thickest line with this. Bent brushes help you tightline the upper waterline easily and this is a must for those who are still struggling to get the perfect cat eyeliner.

Inglot 30T Brush
Inglot 30T Brush


You can see how pointed it is so it is really easy to create a thin line even at the corners.

Pros of Inglot 30T Brush

1. Easy to apply

2. Comes with a plastic cap and case for protection

3. Easy to clean

4. Durable if maintained well

Cons of Inglot 30T Brush

The price

Inglot 30T Brush
Inglot 30T Brush


You need to clean it immediately after use else the liner dries and removal becomes a bit tough, making the bristles flare. If maintained well, it can easily last a year even if used everyday.



Overall Thoughts:

Inglot 30T Eyeliner Brush is a great bent eyeliner brush with thin bristles that help creating a perfect thin line, a winged eyeliner and also cat eyeliner looks. If you love wearing gel liners, this is a must buy. Highly recommend.

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