IBJ CoverGirl – Jyoti

IBJ CoverGirl – Jyoti

Hey Friends,

IBJ is starting off with a new initiative to feature our fellow bloggers here so that we get to know all of them and connect with each other. I have named it “CoverGirl“. This week, we have Jyoti with us.
She is the owner/author of Everything That Matters.

Jyoti is one of my best friends and the main reason for me, being a beauty blogger. She has been a pillar of strength for me and I cannot thank her enough. Most of you must be knowing her but here, you will get to know more about her.
1.What inspired you to become a blogger?

I was always attracted to makeup and beauty even as a child. I remember trying out my mom’s Lakme
lipsticks and compacts when no one was watching. Got my first lipstick when I was still at school (the
Lakme orange lippy that turns pink on lips 😀 ).May be mom got it so that I would stay away from her
makeup stash. 😛 Then it was in the summer holiday after my 10th that I actually started experimenting
with DIYs a lot. So much so that my mom and maasi would ask me what to do and what not to do for
their skin problems….But it all stopped once college started and then followed my B.Arch, then job.
Only when I decided to quit my job last April that I got a lot of spare time with me and my passion for
beauty grew much deeper. I started writing for a beauty portal somewhere around july but then that did not satisfy my urge to do more and I started my own blog “Everything That Matters” in November so that I could have the independence and freedom to share my thoughts in my own space and time…

So you see the biggest inspiration I would say was the spare time I got.

2.What do you love to do apart from blogging?

Singing and Reading. I hold a ‘Visharad” degree in both Hindustani and Odissi Vocals, but mostly enjoy
reading fiction when I have some free time.

3.Which is your favourite brand of makeup/beauty products?

Umm frankly I do not have a favorite brand so far. I love to experiment and would love to try most of the
brands in my reach.

4.What do you think are the pros and cons in beauty blogging?

Lots actually.You can share your own thought about a product, guide people in their choices and help
save them from a disastrous product.it gives you a real high knowing that your opinion counts. It also
helps you build self-confidence. People get to know you through your work. You get to meet a lot of
people, learn all sorts of new things and I love how tightly knit the Indian blogger community is. I have
made some really good friends since I started blogging. Preetha, Nids, Deepsi, Oopsie, Rekha, Aarthi,
Riya, Zee …there are so many, I guess you get a friend in each corner of India.

The biggest con would be that you are the guinne pig here. If you want to give your readers a genuine
review then you need to experiment a lot on your skin. Readers expect you to review most of the
new launches so that they can make safe bets but it is not a good thing for your skin and of course
your pocket too. 😛 Beauty blogging is not as easy as it may sound. It requires a lot of hard work and
investment to keep up with the trend.

5.One special feature about your blog…

Every blogger must be having this feeling that there blog is special and I am no different. When you
spend most of your time on something you are bound to be attached to it. So I don’t think its right to say
its special but yeah you can always try to be different. Everybody has a different style of communicating
things. I value people and their work for that. It’s not easy to have the confidence to convince people
with your opinion about a product. That is the reason ETM focuses on the writing team as well. The
section that focuses on the writer once in a month is not just a feature that makes ETM different. It’s a
gesture towards my writers that I care. I really want to thank my writers for being there and working as
hard as me on ETM.

6.Where do you see yourself ten years down the line as a beauty blogger?

Whoa! 10 yrs is a lot of time. I still have no idea where I’ll be in the next one year. I just wish I continue
to get the love and support I am getting from my readers and fellow blogger friends and grow
professionally as well. I work really hard on my page and I just hope ETM gets noticed for the right
reasons amongst the beauty enthusiasts all over and of course be a platform for writers & like-minded
people to share their thoughts.

7.Your advice to new bloggers out there?

Well I do not think I have reached a stage to start giving advice but I do have felt certain things in my 9
month’s as a beauty blogger. So here are my thoughts. Hope you find it helpful.

If you are to compare the pros and cons then It’s not a lucrative career at all. It needs lot of passion
to think beyond money! When you really enjoy what you do it does not feel like work and readers will
connect with you cause of your passion. You do not need to have only high-end products to reach out
there. Remember most of the readers are as human as our selves. In India 80% janta still use drugstore
brands that advertise on TV. So keep in mind the need of them as well. You need to keep a balance.

The most basic advise would be Do not start blogging just because everybody else is doing so. Take the
plunge only if you really feel for it. There is no point in investing your time and money if you are going to
stop one day cause you realize it takes more time and effort than you can manage. If money is what you
are in it for then there are lots of platforms available today that will help you earn by writing for them.
Think properly before taking the leap and if you do so then stick to it no matter what.

Well that’s about it. Hope i did not bore you people. 😛 Thanks a lot Preetha for making me a part of this.
Looking forward to what every blogger buddy has to say. I am sure It’s gonna help us all!

Cheers to IBJ! <3

Who is Preetha

Preetha is an engineer turned beauty blogger from India. She loves trying out new beauty products and makeup looks. She is a mother of a one year old baby girl and loves photography, cooking and makeup of course.

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