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How to Sew Brass Metal Zippers With No Fear

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Aren’t brass metal zippers beautiful? Adding a brass metal zipper to your new purse or a simple pouch will surely dress it up just like how jewelry makes you stand out, too. 

One of the best features of brass metal zippers is that they often have somewhat wider zipper tapes compared to those regular nylon zippers. This means that there are times when if you are using your straight stitch foot, there is no need for you to switch to the zipper foot. You can sew with a ¼ inch seam allowance with the foot sliding just right against the zipper teeth. Obviously, you will want to switch to a zipper foot in case this can make your job much easier.

Are you now fully ready to start sewing brass metal zippers into your next projects? You should do just that! Below are a few tips you can keep in mind:

Shop for Quality Brass Metal Zippers First

As expected, the very first step is to buy brass metal zippers. You will want to shop for them from a reliable supplier so you can be sure of their quality.

Understand the Different Sizes of Brass Metal Zippers

Zippers for jeans are often a size #5 that indicates the zipper teeth’s size. You can also opt for size #4.5 that has a little bit smaller teeth. You can also find #10 brass metal zippers but these have really large teeth that are more suitable for specific projects. 

Sew the Brass Metal Zippers

The most important thing to remember here is that in the fight of zipper teeth vs. needle, it is the zipper that wins each and every time! 

You could choose to sew up to the zipper bit by bit, hand cranking the wheel while you get close. Afterwards, backstitch, cut threads, then start all over again on the other side. 

Another available option for you is sewing through the zipper teeth. When you opt to do this, you should hand crank little by little as you go through or over the teeth. Avoid using the foot pedal for this step. If you feel that the needle hit metal, you can wiggle the project until the needle has slipped down in between the two teeth. You can hand crank one more stitch to check if you are already way past the zipper. If not, you should wiggle the project once again until the needle has gone down. 

One more wiggle your project’ method is what you will possibly use most of the time because there is a big chance that your tutorial or pattern was not really written with a brass metal zipper in mind. This is not difficult at all because the only thing you need to do is to be careful. You can use pliers if ever there is a need for you to remove some zipper teeth for whatever reason.

If you are ready to start sewing, visit for an extensive selection of quality brass metal zippers. 

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