How to Get Rid of Warts

Warts are very unsightly and difficult to control. Haven’t you had a problem with a wart before? It sticks out and feels lumpy and sometimes another person might notice it.
A wart can be annoying but there are a few procedures dedicated to how to get rid of warts that you could use. These procedures can help you out with keeping your warts under control.

Freezing the Area

You can use a freezing procedure to get rid of warts. The procedure works with these steps:

  • You have to first apply a liquid nitrogen application to the wart.
  • The liquid nitrogen needs to harden up and cover the wart for a few minutes. This should cause the wart’s skin cells to weaken and alert the body’s responses to get rid of the bacteria that can cause the wart.
  • This takes a few weeks of regular use to work.

Duct Tape May Work

You might have to dry out the area that you are treating if you want to get rid of your wart. Duct tape can be used by drying out old skin cells that cause the wart. The procedure for using this part of how to get rid of warts involves the following steps:

  • You have to apply duct tape over the clean area for a few days. It takes about three to seven days for it to work.
  • A bandage or other natural looking item should go over the duct tape to keep it in place.
  • The tape can be removed after a few days.
  • The wart should be soaked and then sanded off with a pumice stone.
  • You have to repeat the cycle until the wart disappears all the way.

Salicylic Acid Can Be Used

You can also use salicylic acid to take care of warts. It can be applied onto the wart twice a day. The dried up areas can then be sanded off. This can work well but you have to be aware of a few points:

  • The skin must be washed before applying salicylic acid onto it.
  • You must avoid using this on broken skin.
  • It may take about three months to use this to get a wart out all the way.

Intensive Options

You may use some other intensive procedures that can be handled at a medical facility if you can’t get your wart removed with these procedures. However, it can be painful to get these procedures handled and they might cost a good deal of money. Options like these should work if the treatment you have used is not working:

  • Surgical removal
  • Laser treatments
  • Cryosurgery involving cold temperatures
  • Antigen shots through immunotherapy

The procedures that you can use for removing warts can come in many forms but they can help you out with keeping warts from being an issue if you stick with them for long enough.  

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