How to Do Hair Removal More Frequently with Less Discomfort

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Among the list of things that all women hate, there is one thing we spend so much time on which is hair removal. We certainly enjoy the results when we finally get our smooth body without any smidge or spiky newly grown hair. But before we get there, the hair removal process can be full of discomfort, sluggishness, pain and tears in some women.
There is no medical evidence indicating that waxing is a healthy act or that it is more hygienic. However, body hair removal by waxing is a very old custom that still exists in time. While most men just tend to shave their beards, women have more than one area to take care of; the legs, armpits, groin and face.
Do you suffer every time you shave? If your answer is yes, then you will be happy to learn our best tips for proper hair removal. With them, it will make the process much easier, effective and less painful. 
Before epilating Soak in warm water – Soak your legs in warm water for 3 minutes. Epilation is much more effective after the shower, because the hot water relaxes the skin and opens the hair follicles, making them softer and easier to remove. 

Use sharp razor blades
 Do not use the one you have kept for months! Winches old or worn products are not only ineffective but also cause the ingrown hairs, leading to the nasty bumps and infections. So renew your razor blades more often for smoother glides.
Cut and trim the long hair
 If you shave in areas you’ve never shaved before, try cutting or trimming some hair with scissors to make it easier and faster for you.
Apply gel or shaving foam before
 Before you shave with a razor, apply some gel, shaving cream or soap bubbles on the areas. This reduces friction, smoothens the hair and thus makes the hair removal process much easier. It is also essential to prevent redness, burning and skin irritation.
No shavings right after you get off from bed 
Avoid shaving right after you get up, as body fluids make the skin look puffy. Wait about 30 minutes for the skin to become tighter and more prone to hair shafts.

Shaving techniques

  •  Shave in the direction of hair growth, from one side to the other to prevent ingrown hairs. Do it gently, without pressure, with one hand.
  •  When you shave your legs, do so with long upward strokes. As for the armpits, we recommend short movements from one side to another, because hair in the areas grows in various different ways. For pubic hair, make sure to shave in the direction of the hair growth also. But you want to be very careful and you want to make sure there’s enough of the shaving foam to make things a bit smoother.
  • Shaving is best done in moderation
     Do not overdo it especially in the areas that can irritate or cut; in sensitive areas such as the bikini line or underarms. This is the key to a painless hair removal.

After waxing

  •  Sprinkle with cold water on the shaved areas to soothe the skin. This will help to tone the skin and stop any bleeding.
  •  Apply moisturizer when finished plucking. At this time the skin is dry and flaky. To end this, use moisturizer after shaving to reduce itching and irritation. This in turn will give more brightness and smoothness to your skin! There are a wide variety of skin moisturizing creams, including some special post waxing or after-shave moisturizers. They are extra soothing yet suitable for sensitive skin.
  • No deodorant! Do not apply deodorants, antiperspirants or perfumes in the skin immediately after shaving. Those things are usually with a lot of alcohol and can be very irritating.

How often should you remove your hair?
That is the decision for you to make, depending on your arrangement and also the rate of hair growth. Many women choose to shave every single day just to get it smooth and clean all the time, while others do so only in summer when there is a lot of heat and little clothing to be worn (and more skin to show).
 The same applies to the much pluck. Many enjoy having no body hair only, others are limited to shave their legs and underarms. In short, the hair is a matter of taste and convenience of each person.

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