How To Deal With Sensitive Skin?

How To Deal With Sensitive Skin?

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I have mentioned ‘n’ number of times here that I have very sensitive skin. Most of you must be wondering how I manage to try out so many products if I have sensitive skin. These are the simple tips that I follow. I hope you find them useful.1. If I receive a product say a face pack as PR sample for review, I tell the PR that my skin is very sensitive so I need at least 1 month since I do not try any other face pack during that one month period.How To Deal With Sensitive Skin

2. When I am asked to review a product by PR, I mention that I have sensitive skin and please send products accordingly. So far, PRs have been friendly to do that with me.

3. No scrubbing the skin often. Sensitive skin is very delicate and hence needs proper handling. Harsh and coarse particles that claim to exfoliate can actually rip sensitive skin off. Best is rice powder mixed with rose water. It cleans the skin very well.

How To Deal With Sensitive Skin

4. Keep the skin free from foundation as much as possible. If needed, use a tinted moisturizer and a light weight compact. Heavy concealers and foundations can block the pores and does not allow the skin to breathe. I know it is a lil difficult to digest but this is the truth.

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5. Choose products made for sensitive skin. They might be more expensive than regular products but prevention is better than cure.

6. Check for manufacturing and expiry dates when you purchase a skincare or makeup product.

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7. Stay away from products that claim to whiten your skin. They can do more harm than good for sensitive skin.
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When your skin turns red after using a new product, immediately apply rose water or aloe vera gel to calm it down.

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If you have any more tips, please share them in the comment box below.

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