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Hair care has always been of concern to all female species worldwide. The different varieties of hair need different care and styling. The basic procedure remains the same though
Now that monsoon is here, it just got trickier. The humidity in the atmosphere is a pain for frizz balls like me the dust, the grim and add to it, the sudden showers, frustration is bound to occur. 
But a bad weather can’t stop us from looking good, right?
Read on to tame the tresses this monsoon

“Hair is made up of a protein called Keratin. Each strand of hair has three layers – medulla, cortex and cuticle. The hair shaft, the hair bulb blahablahdiddyblah blah!” my teacher would go on endlessly. After the class, when she wanted the class to ask questions, all I had in mind was, “Maam, how do you get rid of frizzy hair?” O Then, I didn’t have the guts to ask her that 😛

If you would like to experiment with your hair style and length, this is the best time of the year. Chop them to get rid of the sundried, split ends of your poor hair. As hair grows, the ends tend to get the least nutrition. The lengths of your hair nearer to your scalp get the nutrition the natural oil. Opting for a shorter cut makes life easy I tell you 😀   

If you don’t want to, okay 😛 Stop glaring at me with horror and read on further. This is for the Rapunzels, and NotSoMuchRapunzels out there )

 Use a basic shampoo and a VERY good conditioner. As hair absorbs moisture from atmosphere, it frizzes and frizzes more. But if you already have enough moisture in there, your hair will be happy. And the frizz gets minimized ^_^ #SmartChic Opt for a mild shampoo than a very strong one. 

Mild shampoos do basic cleansing and take away lesser concentrations of your hair’s natural oils. A good conditioner will smoothen your hair’s cuticles (the outermost layer of your hair). This gives you smoother, shinier hair.

Always use a good quality hair serum post wash. Use it on damp hair for a better effect. Damp hair absorbs better than dry one. #QuickTip: Try applying your hair masks on damp hair. You’ll see much better results Pinky Promise.

Flat iron and curling, even when coupled with hair sprays, have a tendency of getting messed when in contact with water. If you have very curly/wavy hair by nature, and you poker straighten  it with your iron, it might get  super frizzy if you get drenched  *When you can’t avoid getting drenched, that is ;)*. Same with curlers and other temporary heat styling tools. 

Try and stick with your natural texture when you know you can’t avoid the rains.

Don’t tie your hair in tight ponytails and other intricate styles that involve complex braiding and teasing. 
*Whoa! That sounds so cool, right? Say.Yes.*Though they seem easy and non messy when it rains *cuz they stay in place and don’t radiate*, they give you dandruff and other scalp infections. The moisture trapped in your hair coupled with body heat is a recipe for bacteria. Go for simpler hair styles which can be opened easily and formed back into sanity.
Condition.Condition.And condition more. Oiling is a wonderful option. Warm oil and massage your scalp, leave for two hours, wash away, and say hello to happy hair Heavier the oil, better the conditioning. *Washing it away does involve some work though*
Use simple hair accessories like bobby pins, tic-tac clips to keep your hair well behaved.
Do not brush your hair when its wet. Use a wide toothed comb to de-tangle and remove the knots.
Maintain a healthy diet- include lots of greens, veggies and have a rainbow diet. Rainbow diet? Why you no know it? Its where you eat different colored natural foods-beetroot, greens, multitude of fruits!
Cover you hair 😛 Go invest in a super cute polka dotted umbrella and get that fashion quotient high whiltst protecting your mane
I’ll list some simple DIYs to achieve the glossy,star like hair
  • For hairfall: Soak fenugreek seeds overnight. Next morning, blend them with some yogurt. Apply on hair and leave for thirty minutes. Wash off. This also helps treating dandruff. *Damn messy, I know :P*
  • For dullness:  Take two ripe bananas, cut them into chunks, blend them into a puree. Add a spoon of honey and apply to your hair. Wash off after twenty minutes. *HoneyDoesn’tGrayHair. It’s a myth*
  • For split ends: There is no remedy to split ends once you get them, chopping is the only option. You can avoid them by applying a blend of ripe papaya and leaving on for thirty minutes, wash away.
  • Always follow up with mild shampoo and regular conditioning.
  • Also, mayonnaise is god send for dry, frizzy hair.

So girls, let me know how you like it Add in your tips in the comments section

PS: All the images used here have been Google-d. I don’t claim any ownership.

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