Forest Essentials Sunscreen Lotion Sandalwood & Aloe Vera Review

By Priya

Hello Everyone,
I am back with another review on IBJ and today I will reviewing my current favourite Sunscreen lotion & it’s called Forest Essentials Sunscreen Lotion Sandalwood & Aloe Vera.

Product Description:
These superbly light daytime moisturizers create an ideal environment for stressed skin. They offer protection from UV rays, free radicals and dryness, leaving the skin fresh, soft and hydrated.


Rs. 375 for 50 ml

My Views:
Lately, I have been using products from the brand Forest Essentials and I am absolutely loving it. I have decided to stay away from harmful chemicals as much as I can & Forest Essentials products have become my ultimate choice. So, when I ran out of my sunblock from Lakme I switched to Forest Essentials Sunscreen Lotion Sandalwood & Aloe Vera. The cream is white colored lotion which is slightly thick in consistency just like any sunscreen lotion. I apply it 15-20 minutes before I step out in sun on the areas which are exposed to UV rays only. Though it says and it does hydrate the skin, I do not use it lavishly. It is pretty expensive given the quantity. It does not come in another size or variant.

It has the most amazing fragrance of mostly sandalwood and it lingers on for a while. The lotion being a slight thick consistency requires few seconds to get completely soaked into the skin. This sunscreen lotion like others does not contain “SPF”! So how does it protect from UV rays, right? Well, it contains a natural ingredient called “Yasad Bhasma” which does the work of protecting the skin from harmful rays. I have been using it for over a month now & I can safely say that this ingredient does its work and does make my tan/dark in the sun. However, if you plan to stay outdoors for an entire day, I suggest to reapply it after 4-5 hours. Since, this bottle comes in travel size it is easy to carry around it too. It comes with an additional stopper too which protects it from spilling. For home use, I do not put the stopper as it takes some effort each time to remove it.


  1. Natural ingredients used to prepare this sunscreen
  2. Light on skin
  3. Protects from harsh rays for about 4-5 hours
  4. Hydrates the skin as well
  5. Lovely fragrance
  6. Travel size packaging. Easy to carry around


  1. Comes only in one size & variant. Not economical considering it will get used up fast.
Final Verdict:
If you are a Ayurveda lover then Forest Essentials Sunscreen Lotion Sandalwood & Aloe Vera will not disappoint you!
Rating:  4.9/5

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