Forest Essentials Luscious Lip Balm Kerala Lime Glaze Review

By Nids

Product Description: Made with 100% natural ingredients, the Forest Essentials Luscious Lip Balm revitalizes your lips and tastes great while you’re at it. If you like some flavour in your lip balm and enjoy the clean refreshing taste of the four flavours available then this is the lip balm for you. Great for the most dry and damaged lips this lip balm is made with a kokum butter and honey base. Kokum butter is rich in natural sugars and high in Vitamin E. It soothes, moisturizes and heals while honey nourishes and tones, making the pair a perfect match for even the most chapped lips!

How to use: Apply regularly on your lips for nourishment and especially before applying lip make up.
Price: 495 INR for 5g
My Views on the FE Kerala lip balm:
I am addicted to lip balms. It is one product that I never ever think twice before buying. I already own a lot many lip balms still manage to pick one whenever I get a chance (don’t really know why).
But coming to this product, the FE Kerala lip balm is just too good. I cannot rave much about this product as it is really a life saviour if you suffer from dry, chapped lips. It works wonders and that too within 1-2 applications itself. You are bound to feel it actually working on your lips within minutes of using it.

The Kerala lip balm is a light/lemony yellow in color in the pack but applies as a clear gloss/balm on your lips. It smells citrusy, a true lemony scent though it is just tasteless so you won’t lick it away. 😀
It hydrates, moisturizes and leaves the lips feeling baby soft. It even helps to lighten the natural lip color by reducing pigmentation with constant use. It does not leave any white cast on the lips.
It stays on for around 3-4 hours with a meal in between. Though the glossiness fades away after a meal still the hydration that the lip balm leaves can be felt. I tend to reapply it after every 5-6 hours as I just love the way it makes my lips supple and moistened. In brief, I have got addicted to it ;).

  1. Moisturizes very well.
  2. Makes the lips feeling baby soft
  3. Gives instant results which can be seen just after 1-2 applications
  4. Smells citrusy
  5. Is Tasteless.
  6. Stays on for 4-5 hours.
  7. The suppleness of this balm can be felt even after having a meal.
  8. I feel my lip color lighten a bit after using the lip balm.
  9. Does not leave a whitish cast behind on the lips.
  10. Can act as a base for your matte lipsticks as it is colorless on the lips.
  1. Tub style packaging
  2. Ingredients list is not mentioned. FE products are all natural/herbal so I have no complaints here
  3. Costly.

Ratings: 5/5 (I absolutely love it)
Final Verdict: Go and buy this for sure if you suffer from dry/chapped lips and nothing else seems to be working here for you. I have used many lip balms from various brands but by far, this is the BEST I have used till date. I am definitely picking it again and whole heartedly recommend you to try this Indian brand product rather than running around for some foreign product at a higher price.

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