Forest Essentials Light Day Lotion Absolute Rose Review

By Priya

Hello Everyone,
I am back with another review from my favourite brand Forest Essentials and it is their Light Day Lotion in Indian Rose & Marigold. I am reviewing this product after finishing the whole bottle as I wanted to give it good time before deciding I like it, love it or hate it. 

Product Description:
These superbly light daytime moisturizers create an ideal environment for stressed skin. They offer protection from UV rays, free radicals and dryness, leaving the skin fresh, soft and hydrated. Lightens Hydrates Aromatic Rose oil and Marigold extracts blended with Ayurvedic herbs and rich Rice Bran oil ensure skin lightening and brightening. The concentrated Vitamin C content effectively combats free radicals for a more youthful complexion. SPF 25 gives long-lasting sun protection. Recommended for normal to dry skin
Price: Rs.1275 for 40ml
My Views:
I have been a Neutrogena Day Cream lover for many-many years now and it was working fine for me until the no paraben, no chemicals bugs bite me! And honestly there are really few brands that make such creams and my obvious choice was Forest Essentials. Packaging is classy & chic – golden colored square bottle with pump dispenser and additional cap. Though the packaging looks good, I wish the container was atleast transparent for me to see how product is used and how much is left.  I would have really preferred the tub packaging as they have it in their night creams. Anyways, the pump dispenser works well too, the small nozzle dispenses just the right amount of cream. I usually pump twice and I guess in summer a single pump will be enough. 
The Indian Rose & Marigold day lotion is suitable for normal to dry skin tones and it smells exactly like gulukand. I love the fragrance, its very natural and earthy and has no artificial feel to it. The cream is white in color and extremely smooth in texture as well as non-greasy at the same time. I prefer dotting the cream all over my face and then massaging it evenly in upwards strokes. The lotion gets absorbed into the skin within seconds. It completely takes care of skin dryness and gives a radiant glow to the face with regular usage. It works on lightening the skin blemishes which occurs from acnes or pimples and even outs the skin tone. It also contains SPF 25 which again a bonus, especially in summer time. 
Only thing I don’t like about this day lotion is the packaging. The opaque container does not allow me to keep the track of product left inside, hence making it difficult for me to be ready with a new bottle. A single bottle lasted me around for 2 months.  Also, you cannot open the pump dispenser and get even the last drop of the lotion. It is really expensive and I want to use it till the last drop!
  1. Light weight lotion.
  2. Contains SPF 25
  3. Classy packaging with pump dispenser
  4. Evens out the skintone
  5. Lightens skin blemishes
  6. Non-greasy on skin
  7. Hydrates skin well and keeps it soft
  1. Opaque packaging is not practical. A tub packaging like night cream would have been better.
  2. Very Expensive
Final Verdict:
Forest Essentials Light Day Lotion Indian Rose and Marigold is a perfect skincare solution for normal to dry skin beauties. It is a moisturizer with SPF 25 which makes it perfect for day time use. It keeps the skin dryness away and keeps it soft and hydrated throughout the day and also helps in lightening skin blemishes.
Rating:  4/5

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Preetha is an engineer turned beauty blogger from India. She loves trying out new beauty products and makeup looks. She is a mother of a one year old baby girl and loves photography, cooking and makeup of course.

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  1. anu Reply

    Hi there, is it fine to use eye cream and day cream of different brands, I m using forest essentials light day lotion (jasmine and patchouli) as I hv oily skin. I am thinking to use artistry replenishing eye cream, one of my friend has suggested. I am just concerned whether It would do any harm using different brands.

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