Forest Essentials Jasmine and Patchauli Night Treatment Review, Photos

I have always wondered if a night cream is really necessary for oily skin until I started using this. I have been loving the Vichy Normaderm Night Cream for the last 3-4 years but recently, since I have fallen for Ayurvedic products, free from chemicals, I switched to Forest Essentials Night Cream. This one is meant for oily skin.

It looks like a pretty jewel box with a golden cap. Really attractive. It is quite bulky so not really travel friendly. I would prefer to take a scoop or two in a sampling jar for travel.

The cream is white in color and has a very light texture. It gets easily absorbed. It has a lovely jasmine fragrance.

Price: Rs. 1275. One tub would last me 2 months.

The best part is it gets easily absorbed and leaves the skin soft and healthy. After using it for more than a month, I can say that my skin is more tight, younger and plump. It moisturizes the skin well without making it greasy.

It does not contain any harmful ingredients hence suitable for sensitive skin as well.

If you have oily skin, and you have crossed 25, do check this out. I am sure we all need a good night cream that helps in improving the skin texture. It does not claim to reduce acne or scars so no expectations. It definitely makes the skin look polished and healthy.

Rating: 4.75/5 ( Expensive)
Final Words: It is a fantastic night cream for oily skin. It makes the skin smooth and soft and gives a natural glow. I would definitely recommend it for those with oily skin.

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